Apulia destination wedding – Jacqueline & Adrian

Apulia destination wedding – Jacqueline & Adrian

They were thinking about the wedding and the honeymoon since their first date and they always agreed that Italy must be their destination wedding. They were engaged since almost 10 years, but they never found the perfect moment to celebrate their love, so, suddenly, one day they decided to plan their romantic elopement as they always dreamt about.

They contacted Wedding Package in Italy last year, a few days after Christmas and they talked with Martina (one of our Italian wedding planners) in order to perfectly understand their ideas, budget, expectations and prepare a wedding package customized on their wishes. They wanted an outdoor symbolic ceremony surrounded by nature, with an incredible view and great food afterward.

They were focused on a wedding in Tuscany that is one of the most selected wedding destination in Italy, but since we are a network of wedding planners that works across Italy, we proposed also a different area of Italy that, according to what they told us, would have met their needs.

The day after their conversation on Skype, Martina sent them three different options, two of them in Tuscany and one in Apulia. They had the chance to talk with the wedding planner of our team one more time so they discussed about details and at the end they chose Apulia. The wedding planning started from the selection of the wedding venue in Apulia, this area of Italy offers us a lot of amazing locations you can see some of our alternatives

Martina knew their desires so she proposed them an incredible and totally renovated Masseria, located close to Ostuni the white town of Apulia. The couple fall in love with this amazing venue that they also decided to stay there a few days after the symbolic wedding. As we explain in our blog, the symbolic ceremony allows you to customize ever aspect of your special day so you can choose the venue for the rite, you can celebrate your marriage everywhere, if you are interested in the symbolic ceremony you can have more info here.

The masseria was exactly what they were looking for, a place where traditional and modern coexist in harmony with the nature. Martina helped them with the choice of the perfect wedding photographer and every additional service such as fowers, decoration, make up artist, hairdresser and also a violinist. Immediately they built a relationship of trust with our wedding planner and they asked her to be their Master of  Ceremony. The planning went smoothly with no inconvenience and in a blink of an eye were time to take a plane and make their dream come true. As soon as the couple arrived in Italy we booked for them a private transportation from the airport to the
wedding venue with a luxury car and driver.

The wedding day

The day of the wedding was sunny and warm, May is absolutely one of the best period to celebrate a wedding in Apulia, since the weather is perfect for an outdoor ceremony and reception. Early morning we started with the preparation of the bride, the couple was accommodate in a master suite situated in a tower of the masseria far from every other room of the building. As soon as the makeup artist and the hairdresser arrived around 8 am, Adrian went to the pool area to try to relax while his beautiful bride was getting ready for their special day.

Martina started the decoration of the area of the ceremony that was a beautiful terrace with a breathtaking view of the olive groves; tables, chairs, ?owers the setup was ready and in harmony with the landscape, the wedding could start.

Adrian was clearly nervous and excited, Jacqueline was happy and scared at the same time. Adrian was waiting for his bride, the violinist was playing their favorite songs and once he saw Jacqueline going toward him he couldn’t control his feelings and his eyes got watery. The ceremony was intimate and one of the most beautiful moment was when the opened their hearts and promise eternal love with their wedding promises while tears went down of their faces, tears of happiness because their biggest dream, the day they were waiting since their ?rst date ?nally became true, and it was even more special then what they could imagine.

The ceremony ended and they had their moment dancing while the violinist was playing just for them, one of the most romantic scene I have ever seen. Right after the ceremony a driver took the couple to the closest port to let their relax and celebrate on board of a private boat, floating on the crystalline water of Apulia. As professionals
wedding planners we can take care not only of every detail of the ceremony but we can also book some extra activities such as food and wine tasting, tours, boats, helicopters and so much more, to make your day even more special and unforgettable. The couple had a lovely wedding photo service on board f the boat and also in Ostuni (below you can see some beautiful pics of that day), where the also had a quick lunch before going back to the masseria where a typical aperitif at the pool area was waiting for them. The day ended with a lovely dinner. A private chef cooked for them and they could ate it on their tower immersed in the nature and its perfume. Adrian and Jacqueline we want to thank you because we had the opportunity to be part of your day and all the kind words you told us. We are more than glad that you enjoyed so much your wedding day, we will wait for you in Italy soon again.

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