Beach wedding in Venice, Italy – Some ideas.

Beach wedding in Venice, Italy – Some ideas.

Beach Wedding in Venice, a unique experience in Italy!

3 cities around Venice where you can organize your beach wedding

The wedding on the beach is a theme that became quite popular in the last few years… In fact, Italy offers unique locations with incomparable and unique views on the sea, typical especially in South Italy. This kind of setting is largely chosen for symbolic celebrations, but in some cases, it is also possible to celebrate legally binding ceremony.


As mentioned, South Italy is the wedding beach destination par excellence, but also in North Italy, there is the possibility to get married in a beautiful beach or a unique venue, just facing the sea. Close by Venice for example, you can crown the dream of a barefoot wedding along the beach!!!! If you are visiting Venice (you must do it once in your life!!!) and you are completely in love with each other, here below you have 3 options where it is possible to realize your dream.


Beach wedding in Venice: Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo: it is a 15 Km beach area (one of the finest blue flagged beaches in Italy) and also 3-kilometer bordering pine forest (Pineta). Jesolo offers the possibility to celebrate your legally binding ceremony directly on the sandy beach, harmonize with the enchanting view of the sea.


Beach wedding in Venice: Chioggia

Chioggia: it is a coastal town located on a small island at the southern entrance to the Lagoon of Venice. In a
wonderful venue directly on the sea, you can have your wedding and reception all in the same venue!!! This unique beach resort will offer you a wonderful frame for the best moment of your life!


Beach wedding in Venice: Lido di Venezia

Lido: it is 11 km island famous for the Venice Film Festival in September! There is an exclusive and luxury hotel that has one of the most comfortable beaches in Europe, thanks to the efficiency and attentive service. As you can imagine, this is the ideal location to experience a symbolic wedding lulled by the waves of the sea….

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