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There's a magical island in the Mediterranean Sea where you can smell the scent of oranges, admire the colors of the prickly pears, where you can walk barefoot and feel the smell of the earth heated by the island called Sicily where the sea invites and embraces you ...

In Italy there's an enchanted place where the sky embraces the sea and the mountains offer a great peace ...a place where thinking stops and hearts fall in love.

Lake Garda with the sky reflected in its clear water, with its dazzling light, with its rolling hills, with its green trees, with its fragrant flowers, with its crystal-clear air, is a stage of breathtaking beauty.

Listen to the silence of a wild and unspoiled nature ... feel the strength of history and swear eternal love in a location where time seems to stand still,
where your hearts beat together to start a new life.

Italy has always been associated to love, to romanticism, to elegance and to undisputed charm.
Every city and region has its own character, but Tuscany with its breathtaking views and exceptional cuisine always guarantees a beautiful backdrop for your wedding in Italy.

A wedding on the island of Capri is a beautiful example for those who want to marry in Italy. Considering that you have to find one for you, Capri is ideal, with its panoramic views and breath-taking location.

If you have not yet decided where to organize your wedding... maybe the today couple will inspire you! The Amalfi Coast is always the right choice!

Through this great video sent from our partners Aberrazioni Cromatiche today a marriage all of the Marches!
Marches with its sunny hillsides, vineyards and olive groves that overlooking on the green valleys make a perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Today the wedding destination is in Florence, in the Tuscan hills, in the sumptuous Villa La Fernanda.
A reportage captured by my beloved Roberto Panciatici, as always, has not lost any magical time of this marriage.

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