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Today is a spectacular day ... a video of Luigi De Gregorio that will leave you speechless !

A ceremony and a reception of class in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel, a romantic setting in the country of the Italian Renaissance, Florence. A perfect wedding and amazing, a dream place for our future spouses ...

Enjoy this video .. to the end!

Beautiful!, colors ... with two wonderful protagonists, Katty & Florin! A dream wedding in the magical Amalfi Coast (my absolute favorite) sent from two beautiful girls Claudia and Antonella Francese Photography.

What will be the right word for this wedding ? I hope you manage to find it ...A spectacular photo signed Morlotti Studio Venice ... and by this name we have already said it all!

This magical land poignant ... Tuscany , which again confuses us with its simplicity , its colors and scents unavailable.

I'm very excited ... to share with the world this significant reportage from a matriomonio sended by a young talented tuscan photographer Roberto Panciatici, finished third in the standings for another "ANFM Best Italian Wedding of the year 2013".

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