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There are many places in this country that I love, but my mind always comes back to the usual, Podere Finerri. I met him a few months ago through the spectacular photography of Roberto Panciatici.

This morning a stunning destination, Sicily!
A Sicilian wedding will take you back in time, a unique wedding surrounded by the scent of citrus and crystal clear sea.

My duty is to find places that are very special for your wedding in Italy. One of these is Borgo Santo Pietro! A beautiful villa built in the thirteenth century, situated at the foot of Cortona, one of the oldest cities in Italy, a luxury in the heart of Tuscany.

I want to be here .... A small paradise of Italy, Lake Como is one of the most popular tourist destinations between all the Italian lakes, also called the "star of the wedding .''

"Positano strikes deep. It's a dream place that you will not seem real, but that you will feel nostalgic when you aren't here. Almost always, when someone discovers a place as beautiful as Positano, your impulse is not to reveal the secret to anyone ... ".

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