Civil Ceremony in Italy: all the bureaucracy.

Civil Ceremony in Italy: all the bureaucracy.

How does the civil ceremony in Italy work?

All the bureaucracy to get married in Italy by a civil ceremony


The civil wedding in Italy is a legally binding ceremony that can be held just in a government recognized wedding hall and it must be celebrated by the Mayor or his substitute. People from every part of the world can get married by a civil wedding in Italy, but there are some steps to follow and for this reason, an Italian wedding planner can be necessary in order to get in touch with local authorities and help you with the paperwork.


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How to get married by a civil ceremony in Italy


First of all, once the couple decides their ideal Italian wedding destination, it’s important to find out which are the recognized wedding halls in that area, check their availability, and start the bureaucracy process.

The bureaucracy process can be different depending on the Town Hall and the nationality of the couple, as professionals wedding planners in Italy we will provide you
a list of documentation to collect and we will help you with the legalization in Italy.

The wedding ceremony usually lasts from 20 to 30 minutes in which the registrar will read some articles of the Italian Civil code, rights, and duties of the bride and groom and will pronounce you husband and wife.



civil ceremony in Italy


Family and friends can attend the ceremony, but wedding witnesses are absolutely necessary because they will sign, along with the registrar and the bride and groom, the
marriage certificate and if the couple doesn’t speak or understand Italian there must be an interpreter that will translate the entire ceremony, in such a manner the couple will perfectly understand their rights and duties and they can promise eternal love to their partner.

In case the couple will travel alone and they are planning a romantic elopement, your wedding planner in Italy will provide you, wedding witnesses and an interpreter.

The civil marriage is valid in the country of origin of the couple.


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Summarizing the things to keep in mind for a couple that wants to get married by ith a civil ceremony in Italy are:

  •  Find the recognized wedding hall
  • Understand the bureaucracy process
  • Collect and legalize the documentation
  • Witnesses for the ceremony
  • Interpreter for the ceremony

A wedding planner based in Italy can be very useful because we will know exactly what you need and we will help you to get them in time for your wedding day, we will be constantly in touch with the local authorities to be sure that everything is working perfectly and we will assist you, not only for the civil ceremony but also with every additional service such as, wedding photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, flowers and so much more.

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