Civil Ceremony in Tuscany: the innumerable options in this region!

Civil Ceremony in Tuscany: the innumerable options in this region!

Where can you get married by a civil ceremony in Tuscany?

All the wedding halls in Tuscany where you can have a civil ceremony

As anticipated the civil ceremony can’t be celebrated everywhere but just in some venues selected every year from the Town Hall. Depending on the area of Italy we can find different kind of venues that can meet every need, for example, in Venice, the civil ceremony can take place in a beautiful palace with a panoramic view of the Grand Canal and the Rialto bridge, in Sicily we can find some venues located on the beach; the Amalfi Coast offers the possibility to have the civil wedding in a beautiful garden overlooking the Gulf of Naples. The list goes on with historical palaces at heritage cities, villas in the areas of the lakes and so much more, but let’s focus on a specific area of Italy…Tuscany!

Tuscany it’s an amazing area of Italy, renowned all over the world for the beauty of its landscapes, its countryside, their wine, the friendliness of its inhabitants and it is also one of the most selected wedding destinations in Italy. Depending on your preferences Tuscany gives us a lot of alternatives in terms of
wedding halls for civil weddings.


civil ceremony in tuscany



One of the most selected in Tuscany is surely the Abbazia of San Galgano and you can find some amazing pictures here: Amazing civil ceremony in San Galgano Abbey



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There are castles located on hills with breathtaking views of surrounding areas where you can be held the ceremony on their panoramic terrace or in a courtyard; another option can be a hamlet surrounded by vineyards, that can be at your exclusive use if you are planning a big wedding with a lot of guests, but the most traditional wedding hall is in Florence.


Civil ceremony in Tuscany: Florence


Florence is a heritage city, and the civil ceremony is allowed at Palazzo Vecchio precisely at Sala Rossa. The historical palace is located in the main square of the town, surrounded by masterpieces of art from famous artists, it is, certainly, the perfect place for a wedding and a wonderful photoshoot with a professional wedding photographer in Florence, that gives you the opportunity to re-experience the day and the emotions of your wedding through his pictures. The wedding hall is located in the city center, on the Piazza Della Signoria – it is over 700 years old! There is however also another option in an outdoor location that still will allow you to have a legal wedding, it is called the “rose garden”, and this is extremely beautiful.

How to book a civil ceremony in Tuscany.

Both the Venues, are extremely requested, and if you are interested in checking the availability and to secure a date it is very important for you to contact your
An Italian wedding planner who will verify the availability on your behalf. In fact, if you are traveling from abroad please consider that an
Italian wedding planner can easily find you a venue where you can get the civil ceremony, the wedding reception, and also accommodation for you and your guests, in such a manner you won’t have to worry about travel from a venue to another one.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more info about Tuscany’s wedding packages and don’t forget that as a network of Italian wedding planners we can help you with your ceremony all over Italy.



photo courtesy Marco Fantauzzo, Mauro Pozzer