Colorful Wedding in an enchanted castle

Colorful Wedding in an enchanted  castle

Colorful Wedding in an enchanted castle




Colorful Wedding in an enchanted castle: the story of Bethan and Daniel




Colorful Wedding in an enchanted castle: How it started




The enchanting tale of Bethan and Daniel’s wedding planning  began well before the onset of the Covid era. Drawn by the allure of an Italian wedding, this vibrant couple sought out Package Wedding in Italy to turn their dream into a reality. Under the personalized care of our CEO and esteemed wedding planner, Cris, their vision of a celebration as extraordinary as their love story began to take shape.


With an abundance of time at their disposal, Bethan and Daniel, alongside our dedicated team, embarked on a journey of meticulous planning and thoughtful execution. Each detail was meticulously crafted, each decision was always a result of the collaboration between Cris and our couple. Through this collaboration and unwavering dedication, the  process transformed into a joyful and fulfilling experience.


Guided by Cris’s expertise, the couple explored a myriad of potential venues, each promising its own unique charm. However, it was the Castello del Trebbio that cast its spell upon them—a hidden gem nestled amidst the picturesque hills of Tuscany. With its timeless beauty and exclusive ambiance, it captured their hearts, setting the stage for a wedding beyond compare.


The chosen theme and color scheme were exceptionally original, as the couple opted for a colorful wedding with a rustic yet elegant twist—truly something unique. Their palette comprised warm hues, with a stunning coppery red as the primary color. This captivating shade not only adorned the bridesmaids’ dresses but also found its way into the bride’s bouquet, creating a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic throughout the celebration.




Colorful Wedding in an enchanted castle: The magic day




Bethan and Daniel exchanged vows on a splendid September day. Opting for simplicity with a touch of elegance, the bride had  a long white satin gown accentuated by a delicate flower crown adorning her hair, while the groom looked dashing in a handsome sand-colored suit. Their choice of attire perfectly complemented the rustic yet refined ambiance they envisioned for their special colorful wedding.

For their ceremony, held within the castle’s walls, the couple opted for a civil ceremony. The castle’s interior was adorned with beautiful baskets of colorful flowers, enhancing the charm of the courtyard where they exchanged their vows. Against this picturesque backdrop, Bethan and Daniel’s love story unfolded, surrounded by the vibrant hues of nature and the timeless beauty of the castle.


Following the ceremony, the guests and the newlyweds made their way to another area of the castle where the cocktail hour took place before transitioning into dinner.

The atmosphere was exquisite, offering an intimate yet magical ambiance. The tables were adorned with a rustic yet chic style, featuring sand-colored tablecloths adorned with vibrant flowers in shades of red and pink. This combination created a captivating tableau that perfectly encapsulated the couple’s unique vision for their celebration.





The dinner atmosphere was further elevated to magical heights by the enchanting garden, adorned with beautiful lights. As the sun set and the evening unfolded, the castle  transformed into a fairy-tale setting, illuminated by twinkling lights that cast a warm and inviting glow. The gentle flicker of candlelight and the soft glow of string lights draped among the walls of the castle  created a romantic ambiance, transporting guests to a world of elegance and charm.


During dinner, guests were treated to a delightful array of traditional Italian dishes. It was a magical moment that brought together all of Bethan and Daniel’s relatives and friends. Laughter and conversation filled the air as loved ones shared stories and toasted to the newlyweds’ happiness.

Against the backdrop of the castle’s timeless beauty, the bond between family and friends grew stronger as they celebrated this joyous occasion together. It was a truly unforgettable gathering, where cherished memories were created and lifelong connections were forged, marking Bethan and Daniel’s wedding as a truly special and memorable day for all who attended.





After this fabulous dinner, guests witnessed the cake cutting ceremony, which was followed by everyone dancing away at a fabulous party. The energy was unbelievable  as the newlyweds took to the dance floor for their first dance, surrounded by their loved ones. The music filled the air, and laughter echoed throughout the castle as guests joined in the festivities, celebrating the love and joy of Bethan and Daniel’s union.

With each song, the atmosphere became more electrifying, and the dance floor transformed into a lively spectacle of celebration and joy. It was a night to remember, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments shared among family and friends, marking the perfect end to a truly magical wedding day.





Colorful Wedding in an enchanted castle: conlcusion



It was truly an honor for us to work with Bethan and Daniel, a couple so gracious and genuine. Their warmth and kindness made every moment of planning and execution a joyous experience. Their unwavering trust in our team allowed us to bring their vision to life, creating a wedding day that was as unique and beautiful as their love story.


We were delighted with their choice and thrilled to see that all the guests were so happy, thoroughly enjoying every single moment.. Bethan and Daniel’s happiness was infectious, and their genuine joy radiated throughout the entire celebration. Seeing their loved ones revel in the festivities, cherishing each moment, brought us immense joy and satisfaction.


We feel privileged to have been a part of their special day and wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and cherished memories together!




Photos: Simone Miglietta  

Location: Castello del Trebbio 

Flowers: Iaia Flor Events 

DJ: Fabio J