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Como Lake Dream wedding - wedding venue in REGION - image
Como Lake Dream wedding - wedding venue in REGION - image
Como Lake Dream wedding - wedding venue in REGION - image

Como Lake Dream wedding

Como Lake is perhaps the most beloved in Italy. The shape of it looks like an upside-down "Y”, it is located entirely within the Lombardy region. A wedding ceremony on Lake Como can be held in one of considered by many as the most beautiful town in Europe. Bellagio is the pearl of the lake. The streets are narrow the views are breath-taking, simple houses mixed to glorious villas making this place the most enchanting one, were you can celebrate your special day, and it will be.

A charming Hotel located in Laglio, a romantic locality, overlooking the shores of Lake Como, offering guests a charming and inviting atmosphere which in the past has enchanted poets, writers and travelers.

The location provides guests with space and facilities to enjoy rest, relaxation and beauty.

A garden, used in 1800 for the breeding of silkworms, still retains the charm of yesteryear; the large living room, the panoramic terrace, swimming pool, spa, and finally the wine shop, are spaces designed and made available for guests to make unique and special all day long.

The Restaurant and wine bar is a cosy and elegant place to hold a banquet advantage of unforgettable flavours and wines of the area.

The rooms are spacious and bright, each with its own style and with views of the lake, offering a very comfortable stay.

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