How to plan a destination wedding with less than 20k?

How to plan a destination wedding with less than 20k?

Planning a destination wedding with less than 20k is possible in Italy!


A destination wedding with less than 20k: all you need to know in this article.


If you want to get married in Italy and if you have a budget of less than 20k, this article will guide you to make the right choices totally respecting your budget.

We will describe here below each important wedding topic giving you all the important tips to plan a destination wedding with less than 20k, so you will have all the useful information to start the planning fo your Big Day.



How many guests can I invite for my destination wedding with less than 20k?


Depending on the choice of the destination, we suggest inviting between a minimum of 20 guests up to 50. As you probably know, there are Italian wedding destination more expensive than others so many details change accordingly. Here you have a useful article dedicated to the choice of the Italian destination wedding, while here you can find some prices.


Which is the best Italian destination for a destination wedding with less than 20k?


There is no better Italian destination than one other. The smart thing is to play effectively with the budget (and this is when the job of a wedding planner comes into the picture).

You can opt for a rustic wedding in Tuscany and find a venue that includes accommodation also (such as this place) or your can opt for a more classical and historic venue, deciding to put more budget on the locations itself.

Also, consider that many venues offer a special price if the wedding is taking place in midweek and not weekend so this is an important detail to consider.


destination wedding with less than 20k



How much money I have to consider for decorations of my destination wedding with less than 20k?


The basic flower arrangement is a bouquet, buttonhole, ceremonial area, and reception area. Of course, if the venue offers a fantastic panoramic view, we do not suggest spending a lot on the decoration of this area. A simple table decoration (that you can reuse at the reception area) and a nice decor for chairs are enough to make the ceremonial area amazing.

The reception area can be simple decorated with small vases and flowers that recall the same colors of the bouquet: or, if the venue offers the possibility of the imperial table (some venue offer without supplement such as this one) you can opt for a green runner and t -lights for a gentle atmosphere.


destination wedding with less 20 k


What about the choice of the photographer for my destination wedding with less than 20k?


Well, this is absolutely an important step to do. and we feel to give you honest advice. In many years of wedding planning, we have had many couples that have chosen a professional photographer, as well as many that have had the photos taken by a relative or a friend.

It might seem unbelievable, but about every single couple that has not chosen a professional artist has gotten back to us in the months after the Wedding telling us what a mistake that had been.

Consider that the photos are going to be the only memory that is going to accompany you for the rest of your life. A very special day deserves to be well photographed!!! Years from now you will still be able to catch the details and colors of the Wedding, but only if the photos are good.

Said that we suggest choosing a good photographer and if it seems to be out of budget, take into consideration to hiring the photographer for 3-4 hours instead of a full day.

Many good photographers offer good prices for half-day services if the wedding is in mid-week. These hours can cover just the best moments (1-hour preparation, 1-hour ceremony and 1 – 2 hours for family and couple shooting) and then guests will surely take pictures during the party, sharing them directly on the socials media -if you have already prepared a Facebook page for example or a dedicated hashtag.

These are 3 examples of photographer we really like:


And the music for my destination wedding with less than 20k?

Well, here you have two choices: you can opt for live music during the ceremony (violin or guitar which is perfect for an intimate wedding) or a Dj who can take care of the music of the ceremony and the after-dinner party with a Playlist set before).

If you have already reached the budget, you can ask the venue to bring your own music and just pay the cost to rent the audio system. Do not forget to pay the SIAE license which is the Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori, The Italian Society of Authors and Editors tax that is calculated according to the capacity of the location and number of guests. This cost is always compulsory.

Now you have all the important information to plan a destination wedding with less than 20k.


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