Engagement in Tuscany – Alvin and Karin

Engagement in Tuscany – Alvin and Karin

What do we need for ea perfect engagement?! A spectacular place, a small gift, and of course a wedding photo shooting! 

There is something magical about this engagement in Tuscany, where everything reflect romance. As promised, we are back at Borgo Santo Pietro! A table by candlelight, the peace that surrounds it and the love that prevails. The perfect setting for these special moments to remember.

The marriage proposal was made at the end of the dinner with a letter… What do you think Alvin has written to Karen in that letter? The wedding proposal!! 🙂

After the official wedding proposal, Alvin and Karen thought to an engagemet photography session to eternalize their short romantic vacation in Tuscany. We met early in the morning in Borgo Santo Pietro, then we went to visit the Famous Abbey of San Galgano. These are the ruins of a magnificient abbey built in. Roman style at the end of XII century. We spent one hour in visiting the monument, then we came back to Borgo Santo Pietro, the luxury hotel where Alvin and Karen were staying in those days.

Simply perfect, do not you think?

Photographer: Francesco Spighi Photographer