Why choose Tuscany as your destination wedding

Why choose Tuscany as your destination wedding

This region reflects mainly two basic colors that, if you want, will be the protagonist in your special event: the green of hills and vast countryside which characterize Tuscany, and the blue of the sea, along the coast of region, although secluted locations still offer stunning scenery.

If your dream is to get married in Tuscany, you have the embarassment of choices such for example a roof terrace enjoying the view of the hills with a good glass of wine, under a gazebo by the sea accompanied by the sound of the waves and marine atmosphere or why not on the top of a hotel overlooking the city…

In Tuscany everything is achievable! From typical Tuscan banquet, tasting the most famous and popular dishes of the region, accompanied by a DOC wine, produced and exported in accordance with the most famous brands of the vines in the region.

For those who love nature, good food and for those who dream of a ceremony by the sea, Tuscany is the perfect solution for you… both for big groups since you have places where you can host a large number of guests and intimate elopements.

Enjoy Tuscany !

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