Indian wedding day in Amalfi

Destination: Amalfi coast

Wedding venue: NH Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Photographer: Gianni di Natale

Flower Designer: Maria Storace

The Indian wedding through culture and traditions

The Indian wedding day of Brian and Palak

It was really early morning when this sweet indian wedding started: all the staff for hair and makeup were ready at 5 am to prepare all the bridal party and of course the bride.

It has been a slow preparation, Palak wanted to be perfect for the Indian wedding day. Palak is absolutely a beautiful girl so she did not need to much preparation but we know very well that this moment is incredible important for all brides 🤗

The set up of the ceremony of the Indian wedding

The incredible mandap fully white was ready to be set up: 5 people was involved for the settlement, it was heavy and the venue is literally on a montain facing the sea. The view from there is amazing but from the side of the supplier we know very well Al the difficulties and we work accordingly.

As soon as the flowered mandap was ready, the celebrations started with a gentle harpist playing. There were a lot of prayers to Ganesha propiziare and benedire this wedding and it was an incredible fortune to assist to this magic moments. The traditions for each culture are fantastic and we Al know how full of salients moments the Indian wedding day.

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