Intimate elopement in Venice – Haylan and Mitch

The intimate elopement in Venice of Haylan and Mitch

A nice elopement in Venice at sunrise

Videographer: Manisol wedding

Photographer: Manisol wedding

Wedding Planner and writer of the article: Martina


The planning of the intimate elopement in Venice for Haylan and Mitch


Haylan and Mitch is a beautiful couple from the USA; they got legally married in their country with a traditional ceremony and reception surrounded by their families and friends, but they always had the desire to plan an intimate elopement in Venice.

Early in the morning, while the city was waking up, the bride and groom renewed their wedding promises, just the two of them, eyes in the eyes and just a couple of “guests”: Venice and a breathtaking sunrise…Venice is always beautiful but at sunrise, it is simply incredible!

The best part of an intimate elopement in Venice is that during sunrise the city is totally yours: not tourists, not crowds, nobody walking around. Whatever you say or do, every hug and kiss comes from your heart and it is spontaneous because the only protagonist of the day is the couple and the love.

As an agency of destination wedding planners based in Italy, we planned a lot of intimate elopement across the whole country. The occasions to plan a romantic elopement in Italy are numerous;  for example, it can be organized to renew the wedding vows on a wedding anniversary or during the honeymoon, but it can also be the actual intimate wedding.

Even if there are not tones of guests attending the elopement, the planning of the event takes the same time and the same attention as a traditional wedding. As we already said, the couple and their real love are the stars of the day, but there are a few details that are essentials for the success of an unforgettable elopement.

The first aspect is the venue or the city where it takes place. Considering that usually there are not a lot of decorations, the background of the exchange of promises is fundamental and the choice of it should be carefully taken. Depending on the couple’s preferences and the occasion the elopement can be planned in a garden with a panoramic view, in a heritage city (as Haylan
and Mitch did), on a beach with a gorgeous arch of flowers, in a vineyard during the harvest, or anywhere your imagination can think of.

Another important element is the choice of the wedding photographer and videographer; first of all, they must capture the best and intimate moments without being
intrusive and then because once the couple will get back home, showing photos and videos will be the only way to make their loved one part of their big day.

Some couples think about the wedding as a big event and they believe in “The more the merrier”, but there are some couples that dream about a romantic elopement just the two of them or with the closes family members and friends (usually no more than 10) and they believe in “Less is more”.

If you will find the perfect wedding planner that will understand your vision, he/she can make everyone happy respecting their desires and identity, there is not a correct or an incorrect wedding there are just different preferences and personalities, don’t be afraid to follow your ideas just be yourself, after all this is YOUR big day!

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