The best Italian wedding destination: how to choose it?

The best Italian wedding destination: how to choose it?

5 important steps to follow to choose the right Italian wedding destination


The wedding destination in Italy perfect for you


After discussing a budget for a wedding in Italy (you can find a useful article here wedding in italy- the budget), you are now sure that Italy is the best wedding destination but you are not probably sure about the panorama frame you want for your Big Day! I cannot blame you, Italy can offer an embarrassment of choices and we Italian wedding planner are here to accompany you during the perfect wedding destination.


The choice of the best wedding destination in Italy is hard but, whatever will be your choice,  I am sure you will spend an unforgettable time with your family and friends! Mountains, vineyards, countryside, beaches… Yes, we have all!!! I understand this can be really difficult but just take time and chose the right Italian wedding planner who will guide you during the selection of the right destination.


In case you are totally confused about the right wedding destination in Italy, we suggest thinking about the following steps.


1. Save the date for your destination wedding.



italian wedding destination



The period is an important factor to consider, in fact, the perfect wedding season in Italy is spring/summer so from March – April to October. Of course, we are also prepared for winter weddings offering amazing scenarios that you will surely love if you like this season for your wedding in Italy. The choice of the date is important also because prices changes according to the season so as soon as you have an idea of when your family and friends are free just ask for the estimate to your Italian wedding planner.


2. The panorama of the Italian destination.





Decide what you really like as surrounding panorama for your Big Day is a very important step to take in consideration. The main question is: what I want as a backdrop in my pictures? Honestly, all the panoramas in Italy are amazing simply because all of them reflect a particular beauty of Italy. I am sure that all of you have in mind a specific frame but I understand if you have not the right vision. This is when the Italian wedding planner job comes into the picture! I suggest having a call with the Italian wedding planner so you can have direct contact to ask all the possible questions. I am sure that the Italian wedding planner has the right questions to scout the perfect venues and make a proposal customized according to your wishes.


3. A shortlist of the wedding destinations.



italian destination wedding



When we usually made a general proposal in Italy, we prepare different alternatives according to the wishes you have explained during the conversation. After making a selection of venues, I suggest setting another appointment with your Italian wedding planner to discuss together. You might like some costumes and traditions of the Italian cake, the millefoglie!


4. Site inspection in Italy of the wedding destinations.





Now it is possible that you like more than one wedding destination. If you are planning a wedding in Italy very in advance, you can decide to inspect the area and the potential wedding venues for the ceremony and the wedding reception. Many couples are not able to travel to Italy before their wedding to see directly the locations and other possible services, so if you are able to arrange for it this is absolutely a great opportunity!


5. Ready to chose THE Italian wedding destination


italian destination wedding


If you have not the possibilities to come to Italy, you have surely a reliable wedding planner agency to commit your wedding in Italy so you are ready to start the finest details!


You can contact us here, we are very happy to help during this important step for your destination wedding in Italy!


Photo credits: Pinterest, Selene Pozzer, Mauro Pozzer, Spassaisi Photo, Marco Fantauzzo