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The Black Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea... Sicily Featured

"...I don’t think there is a place in the world more ideal than Pantelleria to think of the moon. And Pantelleria is much more beautiful. The endless plains of volcanic rock, the calm sea, the houses with its windows where you can see in the windless nights the lights of the African lighthouses... bottom of the seas asleep... an ancient amphora with stoned garlands and the remains of some wine corroded over the years.. baths in a hollow steaming in waters so thick you can walk on them..." .
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The island of Pantelleria... a chilling beauty...
It is a particular island, with an original architecture that separates from the other places in the Mediterranean, with the descents overlooking the sea, the shadows, the colours... the scents of sweet wine and excellent food.
Nothing in Pantelleria is by accident... the rich vegetation made of crops very low to shelter from the wind... the dammusi... stone buildings that recall the Arab buildings... As the names of the districts, the breath-taking scenery takes you sharply from the open sea with stunning cliffs to a landscape though harsh but beautiful, made of bright colours... a wonderful vegetation and natural Spas and a fantastic lake with tropical colours.
You cannot describe the island in all its glory, if not living it.
Getting married in the beautiful setting of the island of Pantelleria, the prestigious and renowned island daughter of the wind in the middle of the Sicilian Channel, will mean to live a unique and unforgettable moment.
We will crown even better your unforgettable moment in a 5-star Resort that overlooks on the Mediterranean Sea with the dammusi and a context that will leave you breathless.

Enjoy Sicily !

Photo credit Tiziana Franchina

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tiziana franchina

I’m an architect and I live in the beautiful Sicily full of sun.
In my job, I always try to be more and more original and able to provide for clients’ needs.
However, architecture is not my only interest in fact my good fashion sense, linked to a natural bent for arrangement of important events and floral choreographies, allowed me to enter upon a new activity: the wedding planner.
Besides, my beautiful island, natural mixer of sea, sun, colors, sweet smell, fragrances, breathtaking sceneries and ancient architectural landscapes, plays an important role because it could be a perfect background for an unforgettable event like your wedding.


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