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The wedding R & C on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy
Wedding Planner teamĀ 

The wedding Erin and Matt on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy, 23 th May 2017

Wedding Planner team 

The wedding Danielle and Arif on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy, March 2nd 2017

Wedding Planner Team Costanza

The wedding Inga and Florian on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy, November 2nd 2016

Wedding Planner Team Cristiana Cris

Photo Maria Bryzhko Photography

I really like Venice, a unique city full of charm , character and lots of romance.
An amazing wedding ... the elegance and luxury Made in Italy with Irina and Andrey, July 5th, 2015.

All so fantastic ... Venice a romantic ceremony in the most exclusive Cà Sagredo ... a fairy tale atmosphere.
Enjoy with beautiful work by Wedding Planner Cris !
Thanks as always to Mauro Pozzer Photographer and Alba Renna Videographer for his wonderful work.

There are many places in this country that I love, but my mind always comes back to the usual, Podere Finerri. I met him a few months ago through the spectacular photography of Roberto Panciatici.

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