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The wedding R & C on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy
Wedding Planner team 

The wedding M and S on behalf of Wedding Package in Italy, 10 th June 2017

Wedding Planner team 

BIll & Stacy such a nice couple!!!
It has been hard for me to find the right venue. Stacy had clear ideas in regard to the view so we have been scouting the right location for a couple of months.

Characterized by charm, mystery, crystal clear waters and fabulous places, the Amalfi Coast is perhaps the most beautiful part of Italy. Its sea, its smells, its flavors and its cities... together form the perfection and together arouse in us endless emotions.

A wedding on the island of Capri is a beautiful example for those who want to marry in Italy. Considering that you have to find one for you, Capri is ideal, with its panoramic views and breath-taking location.

After a few months of silence "forced", with new features coming, I continue my work with this beautiful wedding posted by Claudia and Antonella.

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