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"...I don’t think there is a place in the world more ideal than Pantelleria to think of the moon. And Pantelleria is much more beautiful. The endless plains of volcanic rock, the calm sea, the houses with its windows where you can see in the windless nights the lights of the African lighthouses... bottom of the seas asleep... an ancient amphora with stoned garlands and the remains of some wine corroded over the years.. baths in a hollow steaming in waters so thick you can walk on them..." .
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Sicily is the largest region of Italy, which is why if you are thinking of getting married there, there will be spoiled for choice: there are many traditions, the rich banquet and varied places to discover.

My proposal today is a marriage characterized by beauty and the history.
I will propose a wedding in a tiny hamlet dated in the heart of the Nebrodi Park. The village is called San Marco d'Alunzio. It's an ancient country rich in atmosphere, magical and breathtaking views.

Marina and Giordano chose the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" for their wedding, they chose Isola Bella and Taormina. Sicily was in their hearts and in their eyes and they wanted to live their most special day in a unique corner of the world.

The largest island in the Mediterranean, with its islands of great interest and a phenomenal sea ...
Sicily, land of a thousand flavors, with a thousand traditions and incomparable environments.

In “Bella Italia”, in the southern part of Sicily you will be charmed by a small fishing village lying on the sea. A place of immense beauty where the sky blends with the sea and the sea with the earth, where people smile at you and greet you with warmth and joy.

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