Marriage proposal in Venice – Domas and Aine

Marriage proposal in Venice – Domas and Aine

The unique marriage proposal in Venice.

The planning of the marriage proposal in Venice


Wedding planners: Cris and Martina

Wedding Photographer: Tramontina Studio


When Domas contacted us, he was really desperate: the company that was supposed to plan the marriage proposal in Venice cancelled the even just a few days before.


Domas tried to find a last-minute package for his marriage proposal in Venice and he found our company. He was happy but still very worried as he did not have the chance to meet us and plan without rush the romantic event. In fact, he took a day to confirm the marriage proposal as it was comparing different companies. Of course in these moments of selection, you have to take into consideration many variables such: time of response, services provided and price.


We know very well that our care on responding is unique: we respond very fast, less than 24 hours, and also during festivities if it is an emergency. And this was totally an emergency since Domas was searching for a planner for an event happening the day after! We understood immediately the situation and we made our best to make Domas relaxed and comfortable with us meeting him on Skype and having an immediate conversation via WhatsApp.


Domas was happy with our attitude but not totally convinced about the price: actually we work only with professional, even if the event is small. It might result a bit costy but I can assure you that the effect of high-level service is surely different instead of a poorly arranged service. We know for a fact, after many years of experience we only suggest to top services as the result in this kind of occasions must be absolutely perfect and we cannot risk!


The budget is important to us and we always try to meet our clients’ needs but we are always very honest to give the best suggestion for a perfect realization of a wedding or a wedding proposal in this case.


The day of the marriage proposal in Venice


The marriage proposal onboard a luxury gondola was absolutely a dream! And the photo/video service at the end of the proposal can show you the romance and love that inspired this unique day for the couple.

Domas and Aine were so in love and they had a nice walk through the inner alleys for a romantic photo shooting.

Check the pictures below and you can dream on…

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