Micro wedding in Italy: Benito and May

Benito and May and the planning of their micro wedding in Italy

Why a micro wedding in Italy?


When Benito and May contacted our agency, he was planning a normal wedding with 30 – 40 guests. Benito and May had clear ideas about the wedding, first of all, the wedding destination: in fact, Benito has some family roots in Italy, from this nice borgo called Sesto al Reghena in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Everything was very clear and normal for the planning of the civil ceremony in Italy: the couple made all the documents on time and we were ready to arrange all the other steps of the wedding until the covid pandemic started.

It was surely a shock stopping suddenly the planning for the covid situation, but what was very impressive is that this couple never thought to cancel the entire wedding as it happened unfortunately with others. They have opted for a micro wedding, just the two of them.



Micro wedding in Italy: the choice of the date


The planning of the micro wedding in Italy was not absolutely easy: Benito and May wanted to get married absolutely even if Italy was in the red area. We have changed several times the date at the Town Hall and according to also to the flight’s connection to Dubai from where they were traveling. In the end, we got the date: April 8th, 2021. After two years of waiting, we finally got the date!! And this was a relief for all of us as all the suppliers were waiting to know what to do.

During those days Italy was still in a high emergency for the covid. Benito and May landed 14 days prior to the wedding in Venice that was red to do the quarantine, so without living this wonderful city as it normally is, with all the restaurant and activities completely closed. They left Venice one day prior to the wedding and they drive to Sesto (Friuli in those days became orange so quite easier to reach also for us!).


Micro wedding in Italy: wedding day

The day was absolutely perfect. Mild climate, fantastic location to get ready, photographer Selene and videographer Alba ready to catch every single moment of this day.


Sesto al Reghena is a wonderful borgo and all the people at the Townhall were so kind and welcoming with this sweet couple that made their best to make this wedding come true!! Benito and May did not forget their family and friends, they all were connected with Zoom to see the official ceremony!!!



They ended the day with us with a romantic photo shooting to celebrate their delicate love! Thank you Benito and May for such a demonstration of love and patience!









Suppliers of the micro wedding in Italy

Wedding Photographer and Videographer: Manisol wedding

Hair and makeup: Lisa Semenzato

Wedding planner: Cris

Wedding location: Ca’ Muliner