Wedding in Rivera del Conero

Wedding in Rivera del Conero

Original wedding in Riviera del Conero, a unique Italian wedding destination



Original wedding in Riviera del Conero: a vacation to inspect the area


This year I choose to go on holiday to a beautiful part of Italy, a very famous but not so recognized as a wedding destination. I am talking about Riviera del Conero and even if I already knew that this area is beautiful, I remained really surprised about the uncontaminated beauty of the countryside and the incredible panoramas over the sea.

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Let’s discover the most beautiful spots I have visited and that I am ready to propose to you for a unique wedding!


Original wedding in Riviera del Conero: the towns between the sea and hills


I have decided to stay very close to the beach ( I really needed some relaxation after this crazy period), so I have booked the apartment very close to Recanati’s port. The apartment booked through airbnb was small but nice, with the view to monte Conero, absolutely amazing!

Unfortunately, the weather was not so nice at the beginning of this vacation, but this allows me to visit the beautiful towns around:


Loreto first, a very important city located on a visible hilltop. Loreto is a catholic town, the destination for million pilgrimages every year, visiting the Basilica della Santa Casa.

Castelfidardo, a town full of the musical heritage, is a museum of accordions.

Recanati, the home town of the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi and the “Ermo colle” from which the poet wrote one of the best and famous poetries of Italian Literature.

Well, even if I was ready to spend most of my holiday laying on the beach, I was happy with those visits so I realized how many things you can do around the area.

Of course, there was still time to visit the towns that I had originally planned, Numana  Sirolo and Portonuovo. What a great experience!!!


Numana is famous for its small alleys and flowering houses; It was a village of fishermen with its port that goes down to the beautiful but a bit crowded beaches.

Sirolo is a medieval town, surrounded by the Conero park and overlooking the sea. From Sirolo you can reach San Michele and Spiaggia Urbani and “Due Sorelle” (this last one I suggest visiting with a boat tour). beaches that blend the white colors of Monte Conero with the blu of the Adriatic sea.

Portonuovo, well knew as “Baia Verde” (green bay) thanks to the green of the Conero Park. The landscape absolutely natural and wild and the transparent sea, make this place perfect for a relaxing vacation.


My mind was already imagining the symbolic ceremonies beachfront or, for those that are more adventurous a romantic elopement in one of the wild beaches, reachable only by a nice walking (when you go down), less nice when you are returning back through a steep ascent but that absolutely deserve to be done for the unique panoramas.


I strongly suggest doing a boat tour discovering all the most beautiful beaches and enjoy an aperitif on board. The excursions last around 3 hours and you will really enjoy them. I have used this company: Conero Escursioni but there are several boat companies at the port and all seem very professional and nice.


What about the food? Absolutely incredible! There are many restaurants that offer fresh fish menus and I suggest tasting de moscioli, a kind of local mussels… Delicious! A restaurant I will invite you to go to is Ristorante della Rosa, perfect for the high quality of the food and the view over the sea from the private terrace.


Of course, I cannot forget the good quality of the meat of and typical products of the culinary tradition of the Marche, such as cold cuts and crescia bred, vincisgrassi (lasagna with a touch of Marche region), and meat stewed in “potacchio” are only a few some examples of this great and generous cuisine.



Original wedding in Rivera del Conero: Monte Conero


You can spend an entire holiday visiting the Monte Coner as it is full of itineraries you can do by walking, bike or with horse! Of course, being very horse passionate, I have decided on this kind of tour, and thanks to ASD Endurance Marche I had a very pleasant time through a wild path and enjoying a different atmosphere. Of course, I am looking forward to discovering much more during my next time in Riviera del Conero.


If you want to know about this area for a wedding, contact us and we will be back to you ASAP.