Package or bespoke destination wedding planning in Italy?

Package or bespoke destination wedding planning in Italy?

Package or bespoke destination wedding planning in Italy? This is the question!


Package or bespoke destination wedding planning: we explain to you the difference between the two.


When you are at the beginning of the planning of your destination wedding in Italy it is important to think about a budget of course (you can find some important tips here); also, since you are planning from far away it is important to have some assistance during the steps until your big Day.

At this point, the question is: should I opt for an all-in package that includes all the basic services so I can be completely relaxed about the budget or should I opt for bespoke wedding planning so I can consider each topic step by step?


Here we will explain to you all you need to know about a package or bespoke destination wedding in Italy and you can find what perfectly matches your needs.


Package or bespoke destination wedding planning: the wedding planning package solution.


package or bespoke destination wedding planning in italy


Our wedding planning packages include basically the following services:

  • location fee for the wedding day
  • the basic setup for the ceremonial area with table, chairs, and flowers arrangement
  • the basic setup for the wedding reception area and flower arrangement
  • bridal bouquet and buttonhole
  • hair and makeup for the bride
  • photo service 4/6 hours
  • violinist for the ceremony
  • Administration fee
  • Wedding planner on wedding day 7 hours


What is the administration fee? It is a sort of virtual wedding planning assistance: you will have all the above services booked and
arranged exactly as described in the package. You can select:


  1. the flower’s colors and the arrangement as per our proposals
  2. menu from a selection of proposal
  3. timing of the day


As you can see the wedding planning package includes all you need for a destination wedding in Italy. The budget will be absolutely under control from the very beginning as you can relax that every detail will be perfectly organized before your arrival in Italy.

We suggest you consider having the wedding planning package maximum of 50 guests. This is the perfect number for this typology of assistance, larger numbers need automatically bespoke wedding planning assistance.


For who is ideal the wedding planning package solution? Being a “turn-key” package, this solution is made to match the budget as a priority but it is limited in terms of selection of details such as decoration and photographer.

For some ideas please visit our best seller package.


Package or bespoke destination wedding planning: the bespoke wedding planning solution.



The bespoke wedding planning assistance is ideal if you have a more flexible budget and if you want to take an active part in the wedding planning process. We will evaluate together every single topic comparing different suppliers so you will have a range of choices for every single service.


You will be the one who will decide the budget for each service so you can decide to put more budget on photo service for example, instead of decorations if the venue has still good panoramic views; you can also decide to book a service by yourself, for example, the wedding photographer – some couples fro example decide to bring the photographer from their country.


Every step of course will be guided by a professional wedding planner who will take care of you during the selection of every single topic, supervising costs, and taking under control the budget with continuous correspondence via email, WhatsApp, Skype call.


For who is ideal the bespoke wedding planning solution? This is perfect for that couple who really need full wedding planning assistance and it basically includes:

Venue scouting according to style and budget

Wedding design of the layout of the ceremony (including officiant if required)

Management of the wedding reception liaising with the catering service

Wedding design and decor

Extra assistance for all you need during your time in Italy: accommodation, transfers, extra activities

On-site coordination on the wedding day


Are you still unsure about which kind of assistance suits better for you? Start here with a test to fill and we will personally give you the wedding planning solution right for you!


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