noun – pack·age

the act or process of packing – every journey begins with packing your most important valuables and leave for an adventure. Let us plan yours.

Many couples look for fixed-price packages when planning their wedding in Italy. They want a package that does not exceed their overall budget while having the highest quality possible in the services they book.

Wedding Package in Italy is the only wedding planning agency in Italy that offers two typologies of service: a “turn-key” wedding package or a bespoke wedding planning assistance.

Thanks to a strong network of high-quality venues around Italy and the experience of the wedding planners across the whole country, Package Wedding in Italy can offer great deals and the best vendors for a Wedding in Italy, even within a budget.

Couples can choose to have a pre-designed plan or a bespoke one based on their needs.

Wedding Package in Italy or Bespoke Wedding Planning?

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