Elegant and glamour 5 stars hotel in Sorrento


You can spend unique moments, accompanied by excellent gastronomic suggestions, pleasing even the most demanding palate.


The Hotel’s swimming pool has been obtained from a cosy and intimate corner of the hotel. Sheltered from all that noisy and busy city life, this spot will guarantee you moments of complete relax. Most of the floors of the hotel, including the one at the pool, have been created using the typical local stones, as the volcanic “Lava Stone” or the “Tufaceous Stone”, a typical rocky conformation of the Sorrento Coast.

The amphitheatre is the perfect place for aperitifs, buffets or refined cocktails. A lightweight fabrics is usually installed around a secular palm tree to makes this area shady and pleasant.

The Roman arcade, is the perfect place where the reception can come to an end by introducing the cutting of the cake, a small pastry buffet, and why not, by offering a pleasant musical entertainment soft.

Total number of guests from 30 to 200


Total number of rooms 36

Wedding reception:

The Restaurant has been awarded with one star Michelin in 2010, and it offers an indoor dining room and a panoramic terrace on the bay of Naples. An unforgettable moment, tasting the fantastic cuisine and enjoying the amazing view.


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