Wedding reception in a restaurant of Sorrento centre


From Art to Culture, from Sport to Business, in over its 100 years of life, many of World’s VIPs have been attempt by the culinary delights of “o Parrucchiano”, so that the Restaurant has been included in the exclusive “Association of Historical Places of Italy”.

Worldwide famous for having invented about a hundred years ago the popular dish of Cannelloni, then called Strascinati, the restaurant today, together with traditional dishes, offers new ones which exalt the aromas and the flavours of the Mediterranean and of the Gulf of the Naples.

In 1958, “The Academy of Italian Cooking” gave the title of “Excellent Kitchen” restaurant. Since then it was a succession of hits, the best national newspapers and magazines. Restaurant is situated in the heart of the historical center of Sorrento, a few steps for the Cathedral, the ancient Greek door of Parsano and from the encircled cinquecentesca building of the city, in a lovely garden of lemon and orange groves.


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