Restaurant with stunning views


Restaurant with stunning views




Restaurant with stunning views: details


Spaces available: event room, terrace 

Backup plan: available 

Space for the ceremony: up to 130 people

Accommodation: not available

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible 

Civil ceremony on site: to be defined

Religious ceremony on site: to be defined 

Music limit: until 2 a.m.

Wedding reception: up to 130 people

Location: Maiori



Restaurant with stunning views: description


This venue is an historical one in Amalfi Coast, its story begins in the 30s with big works of construction and renovation of the place put into place by a local family. Together, step by step, they also gave the way to the restaurant which is the heart of this location. Indeed here you can taste delicious, local food!


The venue offers a fabulous terrace in which you can celebrate your special day. This spot is beautiful since it faces the gulf and you can dance and party right next to one of the most stunning views!


If you are looking for a typically Italian style, from the food to the decors, this is the place for you. In this restaurant you will feel loved by the staff who will put all its energy into realising your big day. In this magical place you can really feel the simplicity, but at the same time the authenticity of our land!