Seaside wedding on the Amalfi coast


The best seaside wedding on the Amalfi coast






A seaside wedding in Amalfi: details


Spaces available:  gardens, terraces, restaurant

Backup plan: available up to 150

Space for the ceremony: Capacity up to 80 people

Space for the wedding reception: up to 150 people

Music limit: 11.30 pm

Wedding reception: local restaurant

Accommodation: 10 rooms

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: not possible

Religious ceremony: not possible

Location: Amalfi


A seaside wedding in Amalfi: description


An antique Art Nouveau Villa located on the Amalfi Coast, surrounded by the beauty of lush greenery, by the sea, and the sky always blue; a magical place where hospitality and wellbeing are at home.

Built-in 1880, today is one of the most exclusive and luxurious hotels on the Amalfi Coast; overlooking a vast property, which begins along the Amalfi drive and tumbles down to the sea through a series of landscaped natural terraces enjoying a setting of incomparable beauty of the Costa.

A beautiful setting for smaller banquets and for more sumptuous ceremonies; the main room and the panoramic veranda are bright and unique spaces where you can organize the reception, in a dreamy atmosphere.

Two restaurants offer products and flavors true to tradition, managed by chefs that have made the landmark restaurants of international gastronomy.

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