Wedding reception for the most romantic location in Amalfi


Wedding reception in Amalfi for your Italian wedding


Wedding reception in Amalfi: details


Spaces available: ancient patio, two terraces seafront, garden, restaurant

Backup plan: available

Space for the ceremony: Capacity up to 100 people

Space for the wedding reception: up to 120 people

Wedding reception: local restaurant on site

Accommodation: 18 rooms

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: not possible

Religious ceremony: not possible

Location: Conca dei marini, Salerno


Wedding reception in Amalfi: description


A 4-star hotel stuck like a basin that overlooks the blue for your wedding reception in Amalfi. One of the most romantic hotels on the Amalfi coast, overlooking the paradise where it will be impossible not to fall in love.


One of the few hotels on the Amalfi Coast where all rooms have a private terrace overlooking the sea, elected as one of the most romantic hotels in Italy.

The house opened in 1953 serving refreshments and later accommodating. Originally a restaurant, the management has always maintained high standards and excellent quality. This is the ideal venue for your wedding reception in Amalfi!


The hotel is the smallest of its kind on the Amalfitan Coast and keeps its exclusive fascination as a place of exhilarating hospitality with an exquisite and refined atmosphere, cultivated to the most minute details by the proprietor himself, Salvatore Criscuolo.


Dive, admire, enjoy, and relax… Each space is designed to make special every single moment of the day for you and your guests. Directly in a swimsuit, walking a nature trail, and dive into the sea of the coast, the hotel’s private beach.


Choose the room you want, you will always have a sea view terrace and your staff. Take a seat in the restaurant, and taste the divine flavors of land and sea.

Immerse yourself in the hot tubs under the sun and enjoy your relaxation with sea view.

The atmosphere and a lovely stay thought for you…


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Photo credits: Emiliano Russo