Luxury wedding in the sicilian paradise


Luxury wedding in the sicilian paradise: a beautiful resort in Vulcano island.







Luxury wedding in the sicilian paradise: details


Spaces available: big indoor room, garden, terrace, platform on the sea

Backup plan:yes

Space for the ceremony: garden, terrace

Wedding reception: 4 restaurants are available which have different spaces around the resort

Accommodation:75 rooms

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: not possible

Religious ceremony on site: not possible

Music limit: depending on the space used could be up until midnight or up until 3a.m.

Location: Messina


Luxury wedding in the sicilian paradise: description



This wonderful place will make you live your dream of celebrating love in a very special and unique place.


Here both big and small weddings can be host thanks to the capacity of the resort. The many places that it offers in terms of terraces, gardens and spaces to celebrate the ceremony or the wedding reception, will leave you breathless and it will become difficult for you to choose among them since they are all special… A platform on the sea awaits you too!


For what concerns the accommodation, this location offers 75 rooms, so it would not be a problem to host a very big wedding! Together with this, the place includes 4 different restaurants to satisfy your desires in terms of food.


Very typical Sicilian dishes can be served together with the more classical Italian ones. A very organised catering will help you in setting up a delicious banquet for your wedding filled with every delicious dish you can think of!


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