Tuscan hamlet on the Sienese hills


Tuscan hamlet on the Sienese hills







Tuscan hamlet on the Sienese hills: details



Spaces available: outdoor spaces like the garden, the pool area and also different indoor spaces

Backup plan: available

Space for the ceremony: the garden or the nearby church  

Accommodation: 30 rooms

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: possible

Religious ceremony on site: possible  

Music limit: to be defined

Wedding reception:  100-120 for the indoor spaces of the restaurant, no capacity problems for the outdoor spaces 

Location: Siena





Tuscan hamlet on the Sienese hills: description



This charming hamlet is a magnificent spot in which you can celebrate your wedding! The villa is from the 18th century and offers a perfect atmosphere for a quiet, intimate, but still romantic wedding. 

The staff that works here is highly qualified and will make you home and will cuddle the whole time! 

Located among the Tuscan hills, the hamlet offers amazing panoramas of the surrounding nature.


The borgo has plenty of rooms, hence you can also arrange a big wedding with many guests. 

The rooms are all beautiful and they all have a typical ancient Tuscan design which perfectly matches the context in which they are set… you will love it!


Concerning the food, everything will be prepared in the local restaurant! Here you can find typical Italian dishes from Tuscany, but there are also many options for vegetarians and vegans! The kitchen is also happy to arrange other dinners and lunches, apart from the wedding reception, such as barbecues!

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