Grand Tuscan estate near Siena


Grand Tuscan estate near Siena



Grand Tuscan estate near Siena: details


Spaces available: inner halls, gardens, courtyard, cellar, villa, country houses, pools

Backup plan: available 

Space for the ceremony: gardens, inner halls

Accommodation: possible up to 105 guests

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible 

Civil ceremony on site: not possible

Religious ceremony on site: not possible

Music limit: 4am

Wedding reception: gardens, courtyard, cellar

Location: Siena



Grand Tuscan estate near Siena: description


This grand Tuscan estate is a little piece of paradise located among the Chianti Hills, near Siena, the most famous area of Tuscany. You will be immediately fascinated by its majestic entrance, which is characterized by a cypress-lined path and a panorama of miles of vineyards and olive groves.The property is completely immersed into the Tuscan countryside, and in fact it includes a nature preserve, a private lake and a family-run farm, where wine and extra virgin olive oil are produced. 

Nestled among the vines is a luxury villa and four country houses, all well-equipped with modern amenities.


This grand Tuscan estate is the perfect place for your wedding if you wish to give life to a multiple-day event with all of your family and friends. In fact, because of its generous size, the property is the ideal solution for big groups who want to enjoy an unforgettable Tuscan experience which can unite your wedding day with a relaxing Italian vacation!


The Villa is the main building, where up to 25 people can be accommodated in Newly restored double rooms, accessible via a gold marble staircase.


The ground floor is complete with halls, a ballroom, dining rooms, billiard rooms, and boudoirs. These are usually the favorite rooms of our brides and grooms, who choose to get ready for their special day surrounded by elegant furniture and an enchanted atmosphere.


The villa gardens offer several different solutions for your wedding reception, including a grassy amphitheater, surrounded by ancient trees and marble statues. The scaled seating makes for a perfect setting for your wedding ceremony.


The estate is also characterized by the presence of an old “Limonaia” in the English Garden, where lemon trees are kept during the winter, and the 18th century greenhouse, which preserves hundreds of plants and flowers from all over the world.


And what about an aperitif, or a wedding reception in front of the elegant facade of the villa, facing a breathtaking panorama with unforgettable sunsets? The possibilities are truly endless here!


With lots of spaces at your disposal, it will not be difficult to find a spot for your welcome dinner, on the day before the wedding: in fact, you can also find more informal spaces in the estate ideal to organize a pizza party, for example. You only have to relax under the trees and enjoy the view, and taste some delicious Italian pizza! 


For your stay, the estate can accommodate you either in the main building, or in the four country houses located within the property for 80 people, with their own swimming pools for you to enjoy your Tuscan vacation as much as possible. 


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