Ancient palace for weddings in Venice


Ancient palace for weddings in Venice, a great option for your fairytale wedding!






Ancient palace for weddings in Venice: details


Spaces available: the 1st floor of the palace, garden, kitchen, and the dancing room

Backup plan: available

Space for the ceremony: up to 250 people

Space for the wedding reception: up to 250 people

Accommodation: one flat with 6 beds and another one with 8 beds (a minimum of nights is not required)

Music limit: 3.00 am

Wedding reception: catering and banqueting service

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: possible, (no additional cost)

Religious ceremony on site: possible, (no additional cost)

Location:  San Polo



Ancient palace for weddings in Venice: description


This beautiful ancient palace for weddings in Venice is built in the XIV century and is located in the very heart of Venice, San Polo.

Its massive gothic façade is just above a beautiful and quiet canal, and it presents two massive obelisks that date back to the XVII century.

The palace has a long history of a family tradition that boasts the presence of prestigious people such as senators, cardinals, ambassadors, and also… a “doge”, the ancient political office for the head of the Republic of Venice!


The palace offers two very wide and luminous flats, one suitable for six persons and the other for eight. They both offer a very suggestive view of the city facing the majestic Frari Cathedral.

For the ceremony the garden is surely a perfect location, but also the rooms of the palace are quite evocative since they are all filled with art and frescoes.

Different rooms have different names according to the piece of art they guard inside and you can have access to the majority of them.

Moreover, a very beautiful dancing room is available up to 2 a.m. since it is soundproof, but it can be used for longer just with an additional tariff.

The palace does not have personal catering but it has collaborated for many years with different prestigious Venetian restaurants that will assure you delicious and typical Italian dishes, served in one of the suggestive spaces that the palace has to offer.

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