Palladian villa of the Veneto


Palladian villa of the Veneto: the perfect wedding day







Palladian villa of the Veneto: details



Spaces available: huge park, terrace, restaurant, pool

Backup plan: available

Space for the ceremony: up to 100 people

Space for wedding reception: up to 100 people

Accommodation: from 9 to 25 rooms

Wedding reception: local a gourmet restaurant and a bistrot

Music limit: outside until 11.30 p.m., inside until 2 a.m. (to be communicated)

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: possible

Religious ceremony on site: not possible

Location: Mira, Venezia


Palladian villa of the Veneto: description


This beautiful Palladian Villa of Veneto is literally a paradise. Surrounded by nature, this place is just a few kilometres away from the Venetian lagoon. If you are dreaming of celebrating an elegant, aristocratic wedding, but in a very cosy and private atmosphere, that is what you were looking for.


The rooms and suites that you can find here are evocative of a time in which aristocrats, poets and artists such as D’Annunzio, fled away from the crowded cities to find peace in places like this.


The suites are fascinating with wooden ceilings, marble details and Venetian draperies. These wide spaces are surrounded by natural and peaceful settings.


The restaurant of the palace will be very glad to serve you perfectly cooked Italian dishes in a revisited gourmet style. Here even the flavours contribute to the creation of the right atmosphere to crown the most important day of your life and celebrate love in the perfect spot.


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