Wedding in a Venetian island


Wedding in a Venetian island, the perfect idea of a wedding day






Wedding in a Venetian island: details


Spaces available: 2 main rooms, terrace, garden

Backup plan: available

Space for the ceremony: up to 150 people

Space for the wedding reception: up to 350 people

Accommodation: 5 rooms of which one suite junior and one suite senior

Wedding reception: local restaurant on site

Symbolic ceremony on site: possible

Civil ceremony on site: not possible

Religious ceremony on site: possible

Music limit: only on the terrace, the music limit is to be agreed upon with the management

Location: Torcello island



Wedding in a Venetian island: description


Set against the background of the most peaceful and quiet area of the Venetian Lagoon, this location will turn out to be the place you have always dreamed of for your special day.

This place has also a long history behind its back, indeed many famous and notable people chose this location to spend some quality time around Venice while maintaining privacy and intimacy, we could mention some of them: Ernest Hemingway, the royal family, Maria Callas, and many more.


This place is one of kind that you will hardly find elsewhere, the rooms you will be able to use for your special day are stunning and a beautiful rose garden awaits you for your wedding reception! The building also offers 5 rooms among which 2 are suites… splendid suites.


For what concerns the food, there is nothing you have to worry about, you can just relax and enjoy the most tasteful dishes and Italian wines, the only thing you have to do is to choose among the many different menus that the restaurant has to offer! From the typical Italian dishes to the Venetian ones and, moreover, many different spots with different types of food can be organized for you in order to create an all-round experience in which you can savor typical fried dishes, crudités, fresh raw fish, platters of typical Italian charcuterie and so much more!


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