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Pomodoro enthusiastically accepted the challenge of creating a work that called into question the dividing lines between sculpture and architecture and which forged a dialogue both with the outside – the landscape in which it would be inserted – and with what would be inside: with the wine for whose production it had to be strictly functional.

It took six years for the Carapace to be built. The “Carapace” offers itself to one’s gaze as a large copper-covered dome, engraved with fissures that remind one of the furrows in the earth that surrounds it. A sculpted element in the form of a red dart plunging into the soil highlights the work’s place in the landscape.

The result is an absolutely unique work of art: the first sculpture in the world in which it is possible to live and work; a place in which art and nature, sculpture and wine intermingle, thus highlighting the exceptional nature both of the container and its contents. Entering the “Carapace” means penetrating into one of Pomodoro’s sculptures, and one is aware right away of his artistic alphabet, which is immediately recognizable in the internal vault. It is a winery that offers great emotions, as indeed was the case for its designer, Arnaldo Pomodoro. He himself describes the fact: “For the first time in my life I felt the excitement of being able to walk, talk and drink inside one of my own works”.

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