Romantic elopement in Tuscany – Lisa and Rhyms

Romantic elopement in Tuscany – Lisa and Rhyms

The romantic elopement in Tuscany of Lisa and Rhyms

The story of this young couple and how we plan their romantic elopement in Tuscany

Photographer: Tramontina Studio

Wedding venue: Tuscan hamlet in the hearth of the authentic tuscan countryside 

Wedding Planner and writer of the article: Martina


The beginning of the planning of the romantic elopement in Tuscany


I still remember the day Lisa contacted me for the first time: it was a sunny and hot afternoon of August, I was on my way to the Lake Garda for a site inspection and I received an email from a young and beautiful lady who was planning a romantic elopement in Tuscany… The funny thing is that this nice lady asked me to help her to plan it in 1 month because they were going to spend their honeymoon in Tuscany in September!


Rhyms and Lisa were already legally married since a couple of weeks when they decided to celebrate their elopement in Tuscany. You are probably wondering why they wanted to celebrate the wedding 2 times in 1 month…. Well, that is because someone really special for the couple lives in Tuscany and they wanted him to be part of their special day.


To be honest it is not easy to plan a wedding in Italy or, everywhere else in this world in just few weeks, not even for an Italian professional wedding planner and neither if it is just a wedding for two.

First of all, to plan a romantic elopement,  there are a lot of elements to combine such as venue, flowers, music, transfer and so much more: also, I need time to know a couple and understand their desires as I really care about the dreams and preferences of every single couple.

We started the planning of their romantic elopement in Tuscany exactly the same day we met. Fortunately, as soon as we started talking I understood their wishes and I proposed them a beautiful venue surrounded by a vineyard.

They completely fell in love with the view of the Tuscan countryside from that venue so they decided to book it and move forward with an outdoor ceremony… The end of September it is absolutely the best time of the year to visit Tuscany and to plan a wedding because of the harvest, the colors of the vineyards are so magical that you don’t even need a
a lot of decorations because nature provides you the best background.


The wedding day of the romantic elopement in Tuscany.


The moment they arrived at the venue they were walking on clouds because it was even more perfect than expected. After a long night of rest, it was finally the day of the vows renewal, the morning started with the arrival of all the suppliers from the wedding makeup artist and hairdresser to the florist but the most desired appearance was the one of their special friend who arrived right after lunch.

Rhyms was waiting for his bride on a terrace with a panoramic view of all the vineyard and the surrounding area, he was really nervous until he saw Lisa. She appeared with a beautiful smile on her face wearing her wedding dress, and in this particular moment they realized that they were very happy, they were living a moment that they imagined for a lot of years and together we make it real.

Everything was just impeccable even more than what they thought (according to what the bride and groom said).

After a private exchange of wedding promises, they all went in the vineyards to take some amazing wedding photos and to enjoy an excellent glass of wine. The Big day ended with 4 happy people sitting around a table experiencing a Tuscan dinner, talking, laughing, and appreciating every single moment, as a wedding planner I am very satisfied when I see so much love and so much gratitude.

They were in love, they were celebrating their wedding in Tuscany, they were looking at breathtaking sceneries and they were surrounded by love, real love.


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