Rustic wedding in Tuscany – Jason and Zoe

Rustic wedding in Tuscany – Jason and Zoe

Jason and Zoe and their rustic wedding in Tuscany

Rustic wedding in Tuscany: the planning


Wedding planner and writer of the article: Cris

Wedding venue: Wedding in the Tuscan Villa

Flower designer: La Gardenia

Photographer: Beatrice Morucci

Hair and makeup artist: Consuelo Cardella


Jason and Zoe is a sweet couple from Australia. As you can imagine, the travel from this country to Italy is really long, so we have been planning this rustic wedding in Tuscany for two years…The result has been incredible and I am really looking forward to sharing with you all the steps for a perfect planning! If you want to have some useful tips for a rustic wedding, please visit this link: rustic wedding in Italy

From the very beginning, I could breathe the simplicity of this young couple, they were so in love and nice to me. I have been meeting them via Skype and from the very beginning, it was clear their idea to have a rustic wedding, and the destination that perfectly matches this vision is absolutely Tuscany.

We first started looking for a venue and it is quite easy to find locations in Tuscany that reflect all the characteristics of a rustic wedding: the view on the hills, a lot of green and natural elements, the food and wine which natural origin is so important, and many other details we saw together during the planning! We have been evaluating few venues but the couple felt in love with one in particular, this incredible villa with a natural view of the lake and many spaces at their disposal to plan the entire day! And what was really perfect is that all the guests could have been staying directly there to enjoy a real vacation.

So, when we started discussing in detail about the booking of the villa, all the terms and conditions, the menu, the timing and so on, I have started to get in contact with every single guest to find the best accommodation according to the number of people. It has been a hard job but finally, all were happy with their accommodation and with different length of staying.

Of course, my assistance is also talking nice details so we planned smoothly deciding the various area of the rustic wedding day: symbolic ceremony in one of the garden with a natural arch, wedding dinner in the area facing the lake, dancing party in front of the main villa until midnight and then the party would continue in the restaurant inside. Of course, we decided also on the decorations (not a lot for the ceremony since nature made a big role) and mainly green for the tables, all in rustic style. The mise en place was made using rustic elements with wood names and small olive leaves as an escort cards. All have been perfectly studied from the floral arrangement to the magical atmosphere with fairy lights during the dinner.


Rustic wedding in Tuscany: the wedding day


The wedding day was incredibly relaxed: all was perfectly organized from the timing of the preparation of the bride and the bridal party to the entire event. It was really the first time that the bride arrived punctually at the ceremony! Of course, I have tried to make some late since it is a sign of good luck!

The arrival of Zoe was extremely romantic. The silence of nature made everything so sweet and peaceful, all the people were really moved by this soft atmosphere. And you can see this from pictures after the ceremony when this romantic feeling lasted for the pictures photo shooting just the two of them. While Jason and Zoe were taking their pictures, all the guests started with the aperitif with a large selection of Tuscan finger food.

And when it was the time to go to the dinner area, people were really surprised by the rustic setup of the tables; we used rectangular tables just to keep the style in every minimum detail, from the accessories on the tables, to the menu and the green runner all long and the small lights on the trees.

The dinner was running perfectly until the wedding cake cut, that took place with a beautiful background: the historical entrance to the gardens of the villa. Then we all moved to the dance area, where Jason and Zoe surprised guests with a beautiful choreography prepared in the last few months!! And this was the beginning of the dance party!!!!

Check the pictures below to catch the fantastic day of Jason and Zoe!