Scottish wedding in Tuscany

Scottish wedding in Tuscany

Scottish wedding in Tuscany: Sarah and Ryan


The story of a Scottish wedding in Tuscany



What happens when two cultures merge? This is the story of Sarah and Ryan, a wonderful couple from Scotland who decided to get married in Italy, but without sacrificing their own traditions!


Sarah and Ryan had already been to Italy and had fallen in love with its beauty, but what’s more special about their relationship with this country is that they actually got engaged in Tuscany! In fact, during one of their trips, Ryan proposed to his future wife Sarah: this was such an important moment for them, and so was the place! In fact, even though they had originally planned to get married in Scotland, Sarah had also thought that if some unexpected event happened at home, they would end up getting married exactly in Italy.


As a matter of fact, shortly after they decided to say “I do”, covid emergency started, and of course, this meant the canceling of weddings for a very long time. Unfortunately, these circumstances affected Sarah and Ryan’s organizing of their wedding, but our soon-to-be bride managed to see the positive side of things, and actually viewed this change of plans as a sign of destiny: if it is not possible to have the big, traditional wedding we originally had in mind, we will go for a smaller, more intimate wedding in the place where our wedding adventure began, in Tuscany.


In the middle of the pandemic, the couple looked for an Italian wedding planner and found their perfect match with Martina, who took them by their hands and accompanied them in the planning of their big day. Martina managed to find the perfect location for Sarah and Ryan and cured every detail of the wedding, which was held in a beautiful villa in Cortona, near Arezzo.


The wedding was exactly as the bridal couple had imagined: it was a small wedding with only 30 guests, but it was nevertheless the best choice they could have made. In fact, in this way, they could rent the villa and make the entire location private for an entire week, during which they had lots of fun in the pool and in all the indoor and outdoor spaces!


Sarah and Ryan celebrated their wedding with a beautiful symbolic ceremony on site, and said “I do” surrounded by their family and friends and by a breathtaking panorama of countryside fields and vineyards…but with a Scottish touch!


In fact, the groom, the groom’s father, the bride’s father and the grandfather decided to carry on them something from their own traditions, and wore the typical Scottish kilt! This was definitely something new for us, but we were extremely excited to witness their love for their country of origin during an Italian wedding.


What we loved about this wedding was seeing that all the guests were really close to Sarah and Ryan and genuinely happy for them, and what the bridal couple and the guests loved was definitely the magical venue, the endless party time with music and drinks and the delicious focaccia party we organized for them in the evening!


Sarah and Ryan had their dream wedding, and we couldn’t be happier for them.


Scottish wedding in Tuscany: our partners

Wedding venue: Fattoria le Giare

Photographer: Alessandro Chiarini