Summer wedding on Lake Como – Josh and Liz

Summer wedding on Lake Como – Josh and Liz

The story of Josh and Liz and their summer wedding on Lake Como


Summer wedding on Lake Como: a dream venue with stunning views!



When we are contacted by couples, one of the most frequent requests is to have a summer wedding on Lake Como. As a matter of fact, Lake Como is one of Italy’s most fascinating destinations, and it is, of course, the dream for a lot of international couples! This was the case for Josh and Liz as well, a lovely American couple we met some time ago, who had always wished to get married in the fantastic scenery Lake Como offers.


As usual, we absolutely wanted to accommodate the couple’s wishes, and we started working to make their summer wedding on Lake Como reality! Destination weddings are something couples invest a lot of time and passion into, and we wanted to make everything perfect for Josh and Liz.


We thought that the beautiful town of Varenna, on Lake Como, was the ideal location for their summer wedding. In addition to that, we really wanted to find the perfect venue, too, and what better choice than Hotel Villa Cipressi?


Josh and Liz knew this was the right choice for their wedding because this Villa is one of the most elegant venues on Lake Como, and with its stunning outdoor spaces, it would be perfect for their summer wedding…they fell in love with its views!


On their big day, Liz got her hair and makeup done in the Villa, and wore her beautiful wedding dress surrounded by her beloved bridesmaids. It was a very emotional moment! In the meantime, Josh was getting ready with his groomsmen in another location and later arrived to Villa Cipressi to welcome the guests.


The wedding ceremony had been organized on a marvelous terrace with a breathtaking view on Lake Como, and everything went perfectly, starting from the magical entrance of the bridal party made possible by the two stairs: in fact, this allowed the entrance of one bridesmaid and one groomsman at a time on the two different stairs.


Then, the wedding procession joined the groom and waited for the bride, who happily arrived in what had always been her dream wedding location.


The symbolic ceremony for Josh and Liz was celebrated by a family member, and this made things much more intimate and emotional! The atmosphere was relaxed and full of joy, and our couple was blessed with a hot day and a perfectly blue sky.


After taking some photos all together with the fantastic scenery of Lake Como, the guests started their walk towards another area for the reception, Hotel Royal Victoria, while Josh and Liz had a private photo session on a water taxi.


This was the perfect moment for them to capture some loving memories of their big day on a boat on the unforgettable Lake Como: whenever they will look at those photos again, they will remember the magical atmosphere and the beautiful sensations that such a unique place can give!


One hour later, the couple joined the rest of the guests for the aperitivo, which was held on an elegant area by the pool in Hotel Royal Victoria, and then had dinner in the inner hall. The room had been decorated with a classic setup, which gave a timeless touch to the wedding, and was also characterized by some floral and golden accents.


The day was concluded outside, by the pool, where Josh and Liz cut the cake and then had a fun party with their friends and family with a stunning night view of the Lake. They will never forget this perfect day, and neither will we!