Proposal and surprise wedding in Venice – Larry and Gil

Proposal and surprise wedding in Venice – Larry and Gil

Proposal and surprise wedding in Venice – Larry and Gil


The story of Larry and Gil and their amazing experience in Venice: a proposal and a surprise wedding on the same day!


Larry and Gil are one of the sweetest couples we had the privilege to work for; their story is truly amazing and exciting and we are sure you will appreciate it so much since it is a story of true love and…it is also the story of a surprise wedding! 


Larry had proposed to Gil some years before contacting us, but since then, they never had the opportunity to really celebrate their wedding. So here is where we enter the scene! Larry reached out to us in order to arrange a proposal in Venice, but this wasn’t the only thing he asked us! 

Indeed, he wanted to organize a very special and memorable surprise for his loved one… he wanted to arrange the wedding day on the same day of the proposal!


When Larry and Gil arrived in Venice with a few friends, Gil was only aware that they were heading to a Carnival party and that a professional photographer was there to capture some moments and take some pictures of the group. He could have never imagined he was actually going to his own surprise wedding! When they hopped on the water taxi nothing seemed strange to Gil, until Larry took Gil’s hands and while looking deeply into his eyes, he proposed… for the second time! 


Gil of course said yes! He was beyond happy and almost into tears for the amazing proposal, but he had no idea of what was about to happen! In fact, Larry proceeded and said “would you marry me… now?”. This was the turning point for Gil, who couldn’t believe what was happening!


The taxi left the couple near the station where a gondola was waiting for them, and took them to their surprise wedding ceremony. The chosen spot for the ceremony was beautiful, it was a private small square far away from the crowded areas of Venice, a very peaceful spot where the two had the opportunity of sharing their vows privately in a truly romantic atmosphere. 


There, waiting for the couple, was Cris, the wedding planner, who welcomed them and got to know Gil! Together they all gathered around an ancient water-well that had been carefully decorated with fabulous pink and yellow flowers and petals were laid down on the floor with some white elegant lanterns. 


The symbolic ceremony began, and a musician started playing along with a guitar… it was so romantic! For their surprise wedding, Larry really wanted to create an intimate moment for Gil and himself.


But the surprises don’t end here! At the end of the ceremony some people were passing by in the near canal and as soon as they saw the emotional ceremony, they started to sing the famous Italian song “Ti amo”! This unplanned moment definitely gave a further touch of romanticism to the special day!


After this truly touching moment, the gondola welcomed the couple again, and took them to a proper ride passing under Rialto bridge and all of the most famous spots in Venice. The musician followed them on the gondola and accompanied this memorable moment with soft and sweet music. 


During the gondola ride, a proper photoshoot was taken which continued also when they got off. The last place where Larry took Gil was the restaurant in which they had their very private wedding reception, a delicious Venetian restaurant with typical Italian fish dishes.


This wedding, though not being chaotic with a lot of guests, has been one of the most touching we have ever had the opportunity to organize. The intimacy, the strong feeling between the two and their unconditional love have been the ingredients to a perfect, unforgettable and romantic surprise wedding!



Wedding planner: Cris

Photographer: Selene Pozzer

Flowers designer: Pretty flowers