Symbolic wedding in a typical Tuscan Castle

Symbolic wedding in a typical Tuscan Castle

3 good ideas to choose a castle for your wedding in Italy

Today we are going to talk about the castello that Dora and Rob have chosen for their wedding an incredible Tuscan castle that I am sure you will love! Below you can find the pictures of this fabulous destination wedding!

Let’s see 3 good ideas to choose this wedding venue:

  1. The romantic wedding venue. First of all, the atmosphere! A fairy castle is absolutely the setup that most of the women have in their imagination since they are children. The Tuscan castle of the wedding of Dora and Rob is also a castle hotel so it was easy to find accommodation for 100 guests that had a lot of fun during the three days of staying.
  2. The perfect staying for your guests.There are many activities you can include during your time in the castle. At the arrival of your guests, you can organize a welcome drink with a glass of prosecco (the typical italian aperitif) or a red Chianti wine if you are in Tuscany as the example of Dora and Rob’s wedding. This is absolutely a good idea to make the check- in smoothly and allow your guests to enter into a relaxing atmosphere.The evening is then a wonderful occasion for a pizza party to create relation with all the guests and prepare a friendly atmosphere. Probably not all the guests know each other so this is a good occasion to facilitate the relation between them. The pizza party can become also a pizza making party if you want to include a typical pizza chef! Guests can make their own pizza with the indication of the expert pizza maker. Another idea you can include during your staying in the Italian castle is a brunch the day after to stay all together after such important day of celebration or a wine tasting in case you are in the countryside.
  3. Architecture. This is thetypical historical building that it is always beautiful even if you decide to leave exactly as it is or if indeed you prefer to décor with different styles. Infact, whatever it will be your choice in terms of mood and style, the castle perfectly matches any kind of trend! Whatever will be your choice in terms of kind of ceremony, you can find also castle where it is allowed the legally binding ceremony! Just check one of our best seller at the following link: Wedding-ceremony at the castle in Tuscany. If instead you do not mind to have a civil ceremony but you prefer a symbolic or protestant wedding, this luxurycastle is the perfect solution for you: The best wedding reception in Florence.

Dora and Rob wedding

Dora and Rob was a couple perfectly organized for the very beginning. We met first one year early for the site inspection and they immediately found that the Tuscan castle was perfect for their wedding day because it matched all their requirements:

  • All guests staying in the same location and with a good price;
  • spending three days of relax and vacation;
  • the typical italian castle as wedding venue.

It has been a pleasure for me managing directly the accommodation for guests. Infact especially with big groups, it is important to have just one of point of reference just to have everything under control. It is common to have some changes for last minute cancellations or longer staying and of course it has an impact on the whole event, from the pizza party to the breakfasts.

The Italian wedding’s experience started exactly with a pizza party! We used rustic tables and chairs with minimum décor, just bottles with wildflowers. This was absolutely a great opportunity for guests to relax and enjoy a typical Tuscan evening of August.

The wedding day

The wedding day started with the typical excitements: all the suppliers arrived in the morning on time at the venue to start the setup while bride and groom with their respective friends had some chilling time.

Honestly the weather did not bode well but we followed with all the arrangement outdoor with a positive attitude! Of course this italian wedding venue has a backup plan but we all know how important is or a bride and groom to have all the celebrations outside especially if you are in Italy in August!

Sadly, it started raining exactly at the time of the ceremony but being a symbolic wedding we were not so worry to postpone a bit the ceremony waiting for the rain to stop. We promptly save all the setup, covering all the tables with plastic tablecloths… Of course we had to hurry to do that and especially under the rain but of course this is part of our job. So all the decoration was save, from the flower arrangements at the ceremonial area to the reception area, with the long green curved runners made of olive and eucalyptus in the typical Tuscan style.

We finally have ceremony and after an intimate photo shooting while guests were taking a typical Tuscan aperitif (selection of Tuscan Crostini, Mixed Appetizer in Puff Pastry Stuffed Hazelnuts, Mozzarella and tomatoes skewers; mixed deep fried vegetables, deep fried meat balls; Parmesan flakes, pecorino cheese flakes, Tuscan cured ham with focaccia), we opened the main door and the effect was absolutely surprising for all the guests!!!!The amazing country chic setup, the gold spot lights turning in blue during the night, the dancefloor, the rock band and the waiter service were all the perfect ingredients to make the wedding dinner magic, especially at the time when the live band had played a song written and arranged by Dora, who is a singer!

What unforgettable moments! And we have all prepared according to the preferences of the couple trying to satisfy all the requests and coordinating every single moment of the day respecting the timing.

If you wish to have a special day you can contact us and we will be happy to make your Day unique!

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