The Tuscan Dream: the Wedding of Mariana and Keith

The Tuscan Dream: the Wedding of Mariana and Keith

The Tuscan Dream: the Wedding of Mariana and Keith




The Tuscan Dream: Mariana and Keith’s Enchanting Wedding Journey





The Tuscan Dream of Mariana and Keith: How it all started



Mariana, hailing from the vibrant shores of Brazil, and Keith, with his roots nestled in the Mediterranean jewel of Malta, embarked on a journey to Italy to realize their Tuscan Dream. Guided by their aspirations and the expertise of Package Wedding in Italy, their vision began to take shape, culminating in an extraordinary October wedding affair.


The tale of Mariana and Keith’s love affair with Italy commenced in February when they reached out to our esteemed agency. With hearts set on an Italian wedding, the couple entrusted their dreams to our CEO and seasoned wedding planner, Cris. From the onset, a profound connection was forged between the couple and Cris, igniting the flames of collaboration and anticipation for the grand day ahead.


As the months unfolded, Mariana and Keith’s journey with Package Wedding in Italy evolved into a symphony of creativity and personalized touches. With Cris as their guide, the couple navigated through the intricacies of wedding planning with ease, confident that their dreams were in capable hands.


Amidst the diverse array of locations presented by Cris, there was one that resonated deeply with Mariana and Keith, capturing their hearts in an instant: Villa Petrolio. Nestled within the verdant embrace of the Tuscan hills, Villa Petrolio stood as a sign of timeless elegance and natural splendor, offering a place where dreams could flourish amidst the serenity of nature.




The Tuscan Dream of Marianna and Keith: The Preparation for the Big Day




After an evening of informal celebration, filled with joy , featuring a lively pizza party that brought together all the guests to spend time together, the big day had finally arrived for Mariana and Keith. As the sun timidly rose over the Tuscan hills, everything was set for their fairytale wedding, an unforgettable experience that would mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.

The awakening at the villa  was magical, with golden rays of sunlight filtering through the tree branches and the morning breeze dancing through the rows of vines.



Mariana began her preparation radiant and excited, accompanied by the makeup artist. For the wedding, she wore a stunning and elegant mermaid-style gown that suited her enchantingly. The dress accentuated her figure gracefully, enveloping her in a timeless elegance that complemented the picturesque setting.

Accompanying Mariana during her preparation were her bridesmaids, who were also her close friends, sharing in this special moment with her. Together, they formed a supportive circle of laughter , helping to ease any nerves and anxieties that may have arisen.  In a heartwarming gesture, the bridesmaids also organized a toast to the bride, raising their glasses in celebration of Mariana’s love and happiness.

As Mariana embraced her friends, surrounded by their love and laughter, she knew that she was not only preparing for her wedding day but also cherishing precious moments with those who held a special place in her heart.



Meanwhile, the groom, Keith, chose a custom-tailored suit in shades of dark sky blue. The hue echoed the serene beauty of the Tuscan sky, adding a touch of sophistication to his ensemble. Alongside the groom, Keith, were his groomsmen and close friends, who had also chosen custom-tailored suits in the same shade of dark sky blue.


Together, Mariana and Keith epitomized timeless charm and refined style as they prepared to embark on their journey into matrimony amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany.




The Tuscan Dream of Mariana and Keith: The Civil Ceremony



With every detail meticulously attended to with love and precision, Mariana, Keith, and their loved ones prepared to make their way to the civil ceremony, which would take place outdoors, nestled amidst the natural beauty of the villa. The chosen location for the exchange of vows was a charming garden surrounded by majestic cypress trees, offering a breathtaking view of the gentle Tuscan hills: the Tuscan Dream was starting.


Mariana, radiant and emotional, made her entrance into the garden, accompanied by the sweet  melody of a live  song that captured the essence of their love. Keith, his eyes shining with happiness, awaited her at the altar, surrounded by his groomsmen and dear friends, ready to celebrate this moment of joy and union.


It was indeed a profoundly moving ceremony. As Mariana and Keith exchanged their vows, the depth of their love and the significance of the moment touched the hearts of not only the bride and groom but also many of their guests. Tears welled in the eyes of those gathered, overcome by the sincerity and beauty of the promises being made.


For Mariana and Keith, this heartfelt exchange of vows marked the beginning of a new chapter in their journey together, one filled with endless possibilities and boundless love.



The Tuscan Dream of Mariana and Keith: The Reception and Dinner



After the ceremony, the moment for the reception with the aperitif had arrived. There was a beautiful atmosphere of joy and celebration. Live music filled the air, enhancing the festive ambiance. Delicious appetizers, typical of Italian cuisine and local specialties, had been prepared for the guests to enjoy.

The sounds of laughter and conversation intermingled with the melodies of the live music, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Guests were all really happy, savoring the exquisite flavors of the Italian-inspired appetizers and local delicacies.


As the sun began to set over the Tuscan hills, casting a warm golden glow upon the festivities, the spirit of  joy permeated the air. It was a moment of pure bliss, as friends and family came together to celebrate the love and union of Mariana and Keith in the heart of Tuscany.



After moments of laughter, aperitifs, and delectable appetizers, everything was set for the dinner. The dinner took place in an outdoor hall of the villa, magnificently adorned for the occasion. Round tables were elegantly set with flowers in shades of white and pink, with golden accents adorning every detail. Each table was graced with its own stunning chandelier, casting a perfect illumination over the scene.

The atmosphere was nothing short of magical as guests found themselves enveloped in lush greenery, with the sun gradually setting in the distance. The soft glow of twilight added an enchanting touch to the setting, enhancing the already picturesque surroundings of the villa.



Here, the guests took their seats as the newlyweds made their entrance. Mariana and Keith chose to deliver a brief speech of gratitude and appreciation for their guests.

Standing before their loved ones, Mariana and Keith expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone who had gathered to celebrate this special day with them. They spoke of the love and support they had received throughout their journey together, expressing their deep gratitude for the presence of each and every guest.

Their words were met with warm applause and smiles from the assembled guests, who were touched by the sincerity of the couple’s sentiments.


One by one, guests rose to offer words of love, encouragement, and well wishes to Mariana and Keith. Some shared fond memories of times spent together, while others offered blessings for a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. It was a touching and heartwarming moment, as the love and support of friends and family filled the air.




As the dinner progressed with joy and love, live musicians playing saxophones and guitars serenaded the guests, adding to the enchanting ambiance of the evening. The melodies intertwined with the sounds of laughter and conversation, creating a harmonious backdrop for the culinary delights prepared by the chef, it was the  Tuscan Dream also on the culinary part.

Each dish was a masterpiece, carefully crafted to tantalize the taste buds and delight the senses. From savory Tuscan specialties to delicate seafood dishes and decadent desserts, every bite was a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary heritage.

The guests savored each course, indulging in the exquisite flavors and savoring the moment of togetherness. With glasses raised in toast after toast, the air was filled with laughter, love, and the shared joy of Mariana and Keith’s union.




The Tuscan Dream of Mariana and Keith: The Party



After the traditional bouquet toss and the magnificent cutting of the five-tiered cake, the long-awaited moment had finally arrived: the start of the party. With the dance floor illuminated and music pulsating through the air, the energy and excitement of the attendees reached its peak.

Mariana and Keith, embraced by friends and family, exchanged satisfied smiles as they prepared to open the dance floor. With the bouquet toss and cake cutting, the formalities of the evening had been completed, and now it was time to celebrate and dance until the early hours of the morning.


The first chords of an upbeat song echoed through the villa, inviting guests to join in the fun. Soon, the dance floor filled with happy couples, friends and family!

The party continued in a whirlwind of joy and merriment, with the music playing on and smiles lighting up the faces of everyone present. The evening was steeped in love and friendship as Mariana, Keith, and their guests danced and laughed together, creating indelible memories to cherish forever.



As the hours passed, the atmosphere grew even more festive, with moments of pure fun and carefree enjoyment unfolding without pause. It was a night of revelry and celebration, a party that would live on in the memories of all for years to come.

For Mariana and Keith, the party represented the culmination of an unforgettable day, a moment where they could share the joy of their love with those they cherished most. With the dance floor as their stage and friends and family as their audience, they danced under the stars, celebrating love and unity in an atmosphere of pure happiness!



The Tuscan Dream of Mariana and Keith: Conclusion



In conclusion, we are incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to organize this unforgettable Tuscan Dream  wedding for Mariana and Keith. From the moment they reached out to us, it was evident that there was a special connection between us, and we are grateful for the trust they placed in us to bring their vision to life.

Seeing their dream wedding unfold before our eyes was a truly rewarding experience. From the picturesque setting of the villa  to the joyous moments shared with family and friends, every detail came together seamlessly to create a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.



As a team, we take great pride in our ability to understand the unique needs and desires of each couple and to tailor our services accordingly. Mariana and Keith’s wedding was a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision, and we are honored to have played a part in making their dream day a reality.


We wish Mariana and Keith a lifetime of love, happiness, and adventure as they embark on this new chapter together. May their journey be filled with countless moments of joy and laughter, and may the love that brought them together continue to grow stronger with each passing day.


Thank you, Mariana and Keith, for allowing us to be a part of your love story.

Your trust and faith in us mean the world, and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you in the years to come!



Photos: Daniele Torella 

Flowers: Infinito Amore Flowers 

Make-up: Ievas Make-up , 

Hair: Jen Hathaway 

Hai and Make-up Team: Oh my Blush