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tiziana - wedding planner in sicily

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Please find below the complete list of my awesome wedding venues in Sicily. You can check all the details and ask information on every wedding destination proposed.

Should you need special assistance od for any request please contact me by clicking the button below and writing all your needs.

Wedding Planner in Sicily

I’m an architect and I live in the beautiful Sicily full of sun. In my job, I always try to be more and more original and able to provide for clients’ needs. However, architecture is not my only interest in fact my good fashion sense, linked to a natural bent for arrangement of important events and floral choreographies, allowed me to enter upon a new activity: the wedding planner. Besides, my beautiful island, natural mixer of sea, sun, colors, sweet smell, fragrances, breathtaking sceneries and ancient architectural landscapes, plays an important role because it could be a perfect background for an unforgettable event like your wedding.

Do you want to get married in Sicily? The you definitely have to contact Tiziana. She's one of the best wedding planners in Sicily and can arrange a wedding package that meets your dreams and need to get married in one of the most romantic wedding locations in Italy

The sun of Sicily and the blue of mediterranean sea!

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