Unique symbolic wedding in Venice: Irina and Andrey

Unique symbolic wedding in Venice: Irina and Andrey

Unique symbolic wedding in Venice: the story of Irina and Andrey

Unique symbolic wedding in Venice: the wedding day



Irina and Andrey are a beautiful Russian couple who decided to travel all the way from Russia to Italy to crown their marriage with a symbolic ceremony in a very unique and romantic place… Venice!


In fact, they had already been married in Russia with a traditional ceremony, but have afterward decided that they wanted to make their unique symbolic wedding in Venice even more intimate and special by celebrating it, just the two of them, with a symbolic rite.


The couple was very cute and in love with each other, this can be witnessed by the preparation of the ceremony in which a very lovely moment took place: the dressing.


Usually, the bride dresses with her friends far away from the eyes of the groom, who will be able to see her only when the ceremony begins. But with this couple, something different happened.


Together they decided to carry on the dressing of the spouses together. Irina helped Andrey with his preparation and Andrey did the same with his loved one. This was truly an intimate moment in which the two of them were really close to each other and had the chance to share a precious memory together.


After this unique moment, the couple took a taxi from their hotel and went to the beautiful palace in which they had decided to arrange the ceremony, a Noble residence for weddings in Venice.


Here a special person was waiting for them: a “Doge”. Back in the day, the “Doge” was the highest institutional position in the Republic of Venice, nowadays Doges do not exist anymore as political entities, but they are part of the tradition and culture of Venice.


As you can imagine this was a very particular choice, but surely it has helped them create the right atmosphere to celebrate their elegant wedding.


Moreover, the ceremony was held in this very special palace, a rare find in Venice as it is one of the palaces, facing the Grand Canal, with so much history and culture. Its decors are very noble and elegant full of draperies, luxurious curtains, frescos, and golden decors.


Everything was just perfect to make the spouses feel like aristocrats living in the 18th century!



The ceremony was truly touching mainly because it was very private. Many moments took place such as the famous rite of the candles in which a big candle is lit as to symbolize the beginning of a new path of life together. Another romantic moment has been the “harp moment” in which a musician played the harp in a very romantic and dreamy way for the grooms who seemed deeply thrilled.


After the ceremony, a delicious aperitif took place in the palace and after it, a special adventure began!


The spouses left the palace with a luxurious gondola, followed by a taxi that remained available for any necessity, which took them to a complete tour around the most stunning places in Venice.


Irina and Andrey stopped in different places around the city in order to take pictures together… they created so many memories together with this fabulous tour which ended in… San Marco’s square! A classic that never gets old!


Indeed in this unique square, the grooms took the last pictures together and then headed to their final destination: the hotel, here they finally completed this magical day with an exquisite and tasty lunch together.



Wedding planner: Cris

Photographer: Mauro Pozzer

Videographer: Alba Renna

Wedding venue: Noble residence for weddings in Venice