Wedding anniversary in Spain – Maria and Wilfrido

Wedding anniversary in Spain – Maria and Wilfrido

The unique wedding anniversary of Maria and Wilfrido

Destination wedding anniversary in Spain


Photographer: Bodas con Arte

Hair and Makeup: Marta Vera

Wedding venue: Abades Triana

Wedding planner and writer of the article: Martina


I am sure that at least once in your life you have wondered about the secret to make a marriage last forever like in a fairytale and Maria and Wilfrido surely discovered this secret years ago.

I have been the wedding planner of Wilfrido and Maria and I worked on the planning of their wedding anniversary in Spain not only with the couple but also with their numerous and incredible family…


Let’s start from the beginning of this wonderful experience of a destination wedding anniversary in Spain.


The beginning of the planning of the wedding anniversary in Spain.

How can I start? Oh yes…

Once upon a time, there was a young couple that decided to change their life, right after their wedding they bought a ticket and they moved from the Philippines to Los Angeles.

The choice turned out to be one of the best choices of their entire life, they were very happy and the family became bigger and bigger as time passed. In a blink of an eye we arrived in 2019, this year it is really important for Maria and Wilfrido because it means 50 years of marriage. The 50th anniversary it’s a milestone that deserves to be celebrated.


A few months before getting in contact with them, I planned the ceremony for the wedding anniversary in Rome of a family friend and she suggested our wedding agency so they sent me an email.

I have been in contact with Maria and Wilfrido’s daughters, they told me a lot about their parent’s love story and about their the desire of renewing the wedding vows with a religious ceremony in Spain because they are fascinated by their historical towns and culture.

I fell in love with this family and this planning project, so I accepted and we started the planning of the wedding anniversary in Spain.


The choice of the Spanish city for the wedding anniversary.


They wanted to organize a very unique renew of vows and they also wanted to celebrate this special day with the whole family. Working on the wedding planning with 6 people for a wedding planner it means that you should take into consideration a few elements of each person such as expectations, ideas, preferences, and needs.

As soon as I got to know every component of the family I realized that Seville could be the perfect wedding destination in Spain.

Due to the fact that they were living in the United States since a lot of years, I needed to find a church in Spain that was available to celebrate the wedding anniversary and an English-speaking priest.

I flew to Seville and I made a few research and I found a priest from Philippine that was living in Spain and it was available to celebrate the religious ceremony in English. The planning went smoothly and the Big day arrived very soon.


The wedding day of the anniversary in Spain.

The morning of the celebration Maria and Wilfrido woke up early and they found, in their hotel room, 3 daughters with their husbands, 1 son with his wife, grandsons, and granddaughters, a photographer, and last but not least the makeup artist and hairdresser.

The atmosphere was vibrant but when you work with a team, coordinated by a professional destination wedding planner, that knows exactly what to do and how to do it the chaos turns into fun and great memories.


The ceremony was very heartwarming from the entrance of the bride until the couple’s renewal of wedding vows in a small beautiful church in the historical area of Seville.

At the end of the ceremony, the whole family dedicated a few moments at the wedding photo shooting, because, for them, that was not only an occasion to celebrate the amazing love story of Maria and Wilfrido, but also the time to make some unforgettable family memories.

Around lunchtime, two private cars pick them up and bring them to a romantic and elegant restaurant in Seville for the celebratory meal.

During the whole planning Maria, the bride, had just one request, she had the dream to enjoy a typical Spain lunch with a panoramic view of the city, and all I could do was to make her happy.

They spend a few hours talking, eating, and living every moment to the fullest with the background of the gorgeous view of Seville.

Being their wedding planner, they gave me the chance to understand how real love is supposed to be, and I am talking about all kinds of love, the love for your partner, the love for culture, the love for your family, the love for traditions and also the love for yourself… It was magical!


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