Elegant wedding: Clare and Tayler’s magical wedding in Tuscany

Elegant wedding: Clare and Tayler’s magical wedding in Tuscany

Clare and Tayler’s wedding in Tuscany: the perfect elegant wedding




Clare and Tayler’s elegant wedding




In October 2023, we had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of Clare and Tayler.

This young couple from the United States contacted us for their wedding because their biggest dream was to celebrate this day in Italy, specifically in Tuscany. Their decision to marry in Italy was driven by their desire  to spend some quality time with their family and friends, rather than just focusing on their wedding day.


Clare and Tayler’s journey to choose the location led them to a breathtaking medieval Tuscan borgo, nestled within the rolling hills of Italy’s countryside, only one hour  drive from the historic city of Florence.


With a desire for an intimate celebration that included  both elegance and timeless charm, they discovered in this enchanting location the perfect embodiment of their wedding aspirations. Surrounded by the rich history and picturesque beauty of the borgo, Clare and Tayler’s special day unfolded in an atmosphere of romance and sophistication.


On the eve of their wedding, Clare and Tayler embraced the Italian spirit of celebration by hosting a delightful pizza party for their closest family and friends. Set against the backdrop of the charming Tuscan countryside, this informal gathering served as a heartwarming prelude to their big day.

Thanks to this lovely moments any pre-wedding nerves were gently dispelled, replaced by an overwhelming sense of joy and anticipation for the love-filled festivities that lay ahead. This intimate gathering not only fostered cherished memories but also strengthened the bonds between Clare, Tayler, and their cherished guests, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable wedding celebration.



As the morning of the big day arrived Tayler and Clare started their preparation for their wedding day.

Tayler woke up and before dressing up, he enjoyed the beautiful weather by the pool while Clare got her hair done and make up joined by her family and friends.  They then headed to the church where they exchanged their vows in a touching religious ceremony, and enveloped in love, they exchanged the fateful “I do,” sealing their commitment to each other.


As the sun started to go down, Clare and Tayler made their way to the charming borgo for the next part of their wedding. This spot was straight out of a dream, with lush green fields and vineyards all around. Candles flickered, flowers bloomed, and the sunset provided the perfect backdrop for their party. With their nearest and dearest by their side, Clare and Tayler kicked off the festivities, ready to make some unforgettable memories.


The festivities commenced with a delectable aperitivo, where trays of Tuscan delicacies were passed around, accompanied by the clinking of glasses and joyous laughter.


As it turned dark, the celebration seamlessly transitioned into dinner. Long tables adorned with elegant linens and flickering candles awaited the guests, who were treated to  the finest flavors of Tuscany.


As the meal drew to a close, all eyes turned to the centerpiece of the evening: the wedding cake.  With a flourish, Clare and Tayler assembled and then cut their first slice of cake, sealing their bond in sweetness.



What truly distinguished Clare and Tayler’s wedding was its simplicity and elegance and their connection with their loved ones. Their deep bond with family and friends was evident throughout the celebration, with everyone coming together to make their special day truly unforgettable.


One of the most magical moments was the heartfelt speech Clare’s father delivered during the dinner, and their first dance after the cake, both moments that brought tears to everyone’s eyes, underscoring the emotional significance of the occasion.


The couple couldn’t have been happier with how smoothly everything went and the magical atmosphere that was created. Their wedding was a testament to love, unity, and the beauty of sharing such significant moment with those closest to their hearts.


As a team, we couldn’t be happier with how this wedding turned out and the seamless flow of the entire event. Seeing Clare and Tayler’s vision come to life was incredibly rewarding, and we’re grateful to have played a part in making their special day unforgettable.



We wish this wonderful couple all the love and happiness in the world!



Photos: Michael Zennaro  

Flowers: Serena Martini

Catering: Class Ricevimenti 

Make-up and hair: Francesca Ferraiolo