Wedding for TWO Amalfi Coast – Stacey and Bill

Wedding for TWO Amalfi Coast – Stacey and Bill

It has been hard for me to find the right venue for this couple. Stacy had clear ideas in regard to the view so we have been scouting the right location for a couple of months.

If you know the Amalfi coast area, you are probably thinking how beautiful could be any kind of view… That is absolutely correct but I was not able to be relaxed until my bride was absolutely happy with the location.

We supervised dozens locations but finally we found the right one, an amazing terrace of the Positano ! I have personally moved all the furniture to guarantee the view exactly as Stacy wanted. I cannot explain much more about her point of view as each wish and expectation is different from couple to couple!!!

Stacy and Bill were happy finally, absolutely touched when they saw what I had prepared for them and for their romantic symbolic ceremony.

The day ended with a romantic photo shooting and here you have some pictures of their day.