Wedding in Piedmont, the land of the vineyards

Wedding in Piedmont, the land of the vineyards

The beauty of this region as well as in the location and in fantastic landscapes, is in many vineyards, all planted to achieve one of the most famous and traditional products of Piedmont: wine.

Great and various wineries, surrounded by well-kept parks, are a “must” for this land, in which they are created and preserved the best wines.

Among the most famous wine lands, we find Langhe and Monferrato; the first, between Asti and Cuneo, has a large expanse hilly, influenced by the tradition of Liguria, it is famous in Italy for its traditional products such as the famous “Barolo”.

Barolo, from 1933, is grown and produced in the vineyards of Nebbiolo, is known and loved around the world, and is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding banquet; whether it’s dishes of red meat or game, or some other product typical Piemontese, such as cheese and truffles, Barolo will give that extra touch of elegance and taste to your reception.

Monteferrato, in addition to being known for its wine production, is the home of truffle with its pungent and sharp flavour, accompanies and characterizes a variety of dishes: a highly prized and sought after food.

The region of Piedmont will offer breath-taking views, a superb gastronomy, which will frame, and protagonists to your event; the original idea of organizing a reception in a basement is what will make your special day.

Enjoy good wine and

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