Wedding in Ravello with Claudia And Antonella Francese Photography

Wedding in Ravello with Claudia And Antonella Francese Photography

The wedding season begins in great beauty, today we are talking about wonderful places, the

setting for this love story is called Ravello.Lauryn and Chris, a very romantic story that looks like a modern

fairy tale! When Chris and Lauryn have known each other, Lauryn is back in England from a period in

Australia. Not long after the engagement they decide to go on holiday together. The trip was

full of adventures and surprises: in Thailand, on the beach at sunset, Chris proposes to Lauryn to be his

wife….. A beautiful moment, that of the “YES”! An intimate wedding, with only 20

people (just like me), with a civil ceremony at the
Town Hall of Ravello. This love

story, beautifully photographed by Claudia and Antonella, captures the natural beauty and elegance of

both spouses. No photo can do justice to the Amalfi Coast, you have to live it, as they do thousands of

couples that choose their wedding here… Moorish-style houses, colorful gardens of bougainvillea, the scent

of jasmine and lemon trees, and everywhere you look a sea undoubtedly blue.

Sun and sea … welcome to paradise!

The tiara, necklace and bracelet were handmade for her :
The Little Jewellery Box

The Wedding Dress :


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